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A Closer Look at Features

BuyerQuest is a robust, enterprise class procure to pay system.  In this section, we'll provide a closer look at several key areas within the solution.

Each closer look section will provide an overview, screenshots, key features, and valuable insights.

  • Solution Video
    Solution Video
    BuyerQuest provides a cognitive buying experience, where user preferences and past buying activities are collected, ingested, and analyzed to provide an intuitive, continuously improving experiences uniquely suited to each buyer's needs.  More contact with the site results in more data being captured and used to create a one-to-one user experience.
  • Mobility
    Buy anywhere is not a goal, it's the BuyerQuest mantra.  With a mobile-first, responsive design, BuyerQuest is built from the ground up to be available whenever and wherever a person needs it.
  • Personalization
    The driving principal behind BuyerQuest's Cognitive Buying is an individualized, personalized environment that every user experiences.  BuyerQuest believes that the definition of usability varies by person so we strive to make sure each user has a solution that is dynamically tailored to them.
    • Search
      Inspired by consumer shopping sites with search as their foundation, BuyerQuest search powers access to all goods and services in the system.  Providing search across millions of items in seconds with personalized results, the BuyerQuest search tools offer a simple gateway for users to find what they need.
      • Services
        Services needs vary dramatically across a company so BuyerQuest was built for flexibility and ease of use.  From setting up contracted services in the catalog to configuring robust forms, BuyerQuest helps companies drive 100% of their spend through one buying solution.
        • Workflow
          BuyerQuest workflow is designed to meet not only the complex needs and controls of a business but the desired efficiency and ease of use of an individual.  For this reason, workflow is completely dynamic and built real time based on the situation.  Learn more about the configurability and power of BuyerQuest workflow