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BuyerQuest - Mobility

Mobility - iPad.pngOverview

BuyerQuest is a mobile first solution meaning it’s built on a responsive design framework that scales down or up depending on screen size.  The BuyerQuest solutions works on all mobile platforms including iOS and Android. We are mobile enabled via HTML5 and is optimized for usage on mobile, tablet or computers.  All functionality is available on mobile as it would be on desktop. 


The first iPhone came out in 2007 and the Android a year after that.  The iPad wasn’t released until 2011.  The foundation of most procurement solutions was developed well before that so, as the need for mobility grew, these solutions either attempted to modify portions of their applications to be available on mobile devices or created platform specific apps with limited functionality. 

The first release of BuyerQuest wasn’t until 2011 so was built in the midst of the growth of the use of mobile for business applications.  For this reason, BuyerQuest is developed with a mobile-first mentality, meaning the entire platform is designed to scale to the screen size of any mobile phone and dynamically expand based on the available screen size.  This allows BuyerQuest to be both device and OS agnostic for existing devices as well as future-proof against devices that have yet to be introduced.

By not developing platform specific apps, BuyerQuest is also able to pursue an agile release methodology.  This results in monthly releases to allow for faster and easier improvements to the platform without the need to simultaneously update apps.  It also means that BuyerQuest does not need to react to the whims of the smartphone/tablet makers and changes to their operating systems.

From a security perspective, the BuyerQuest mobile first approach significantly reduces the security risk associated with the installation of apps onto corporate devices.  Additionally, with the rise in data breaches and the increasing invasiveness of apps, people are less willing to download apps to their personal devices and prefer to access websites that have been optimized for mobile.Mobility - iPhone Approvals.png

Benefits of the BuyerQuest mobility strategy:

  • Device Agnostic: The BuyerQuest solution will work on any operating system and any device and with multiple browsers
  • No Loss of Functionality: Unlike mobile apps or legacy solutions that have been ported to mobile devices, there is no loss of functionality on any device
  • Reduced Security Risk: A single point of access to corporate data significantly reduces the amount of time required to security test BuyerQuest
  • Truly Agile Solution: With a single code platform delivered for any device, BuyerQuest can rollout new functionality faster than any other procurement provider
  • Future Proof: Mobile companies come and go while the dominant players are always introducing new devices and updates to the core operating systems, none of which impact BuyerQuest’s usability


  • Approve/reject from within email without having to login
  • Quick, Google-like search with fast as you type result set of matching goods and services
  • Personalized experience at location and user levels
  • Custom filtering at the category levelMobility - Email Approvals.png
  • Dynamic workflow based on variety of requisition attributes (ie capital equipment over $x, charge to project xxx, supplier=acme, category is technology, etc)
  • Parallel and serial approvals to individuals or groups
  • Create invoices by flipping from purchase orders
  • Search for all invoices in system through multiple filters
  • View history of invoice and all related records (requisition, purchase order, receipts)