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PunchOut To BuyerQuest OCI Outbound

This topic details the fields for OCI outbound data from a punchout to BuyerQuest

Base Data Elements - OCI Outbound

Field Name Description Is Required BQ Table.field Gateway Variable* Sample Field Value
NEW_ITEM-VENDORMAT Supplier SKU Yes sales_flat_quote_item.sku SKU 0020-SIGN
NEW_ITEM-EXT_PRODUCT_ID Supplier SKU Yes sales_flat_quote-item.sku SKU 0020-SIGN
NEW_ITEM-DESCRIPTION Name Yes Name Bench Warning Flags Sign 18in x 24in
NEW_ITEM-QUANTITY   Yes sales_flat_quote_item.qty Quantity 1.0000
NEW_ITEM-PRICE Contract Price Yes sales_flat_quote_item.price Price 185.00
NEW_ITEM-UNIT Unit of Measure Yes sales_flat_quote_item.unit_of_measure UOM EA
NEW_ITEM-MATGROUP UNSPSC Yes sales_flat_quote_item.unspsc UNSPSC 24102006
NEW_ITEM-CURRENCY Base Currency Yes sales_flat_quote_item.base_currency   USD
ci_session session ID Yes SYSTEM GENERATED   BaXgm2wzhbuZjBSLiHnPpFDTIsFo3mPW5aVQ
NEW_ITEM-EXT_CUSTOM_OPTION Selected values for an item configured with custom options No     Shirt size=Large|Embroidered Name=Ryan

Additional Available Data Elements

Field Name Description Is Required BQ Table.field Gateway Variable*
ManufacturerName Manufacturer Name No sales_flat_quote_item.XXX ManufacturerName
ManufacturerPartID Manufacturer Part ID No sales_flat_quote_item.XXX ManufacturerPartNumber
LeadTime Lead Time No sales_flat_quote_item.XXX LeadTime
PriceUnit Price Unit No sales_flat_quote_item.XXX PriceUnit
alternative_source_id Alternative Source ID No sales_flat_quote_item.XXX AlternativeSourceID
source_system_id Source System ID No sales_flat_quote_item.XXX SourceSystemID
SupplierPartAuxiliaryID Supplier Part Auxiliary ID No sales_flat_quote_item.XXX SupplierPartAuxiliaryID


Example Base Message