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Supported Product Types

The BuyerQuest platform supports catalog management, shopping, checkout, change order processes, receiving and invoicing for the following product types: material items, products with custom options, bundled products, replacement parts, and complex purchases for services or involving RFQs.


BuyerQuest solutions support the products types shown below. Even though the underlying eCommerce platform may have additional product types, the ones listed in the table below are the only supported types. 

Type Simple Product Simple Product with Custom Options Bundled Product Replacement Parts Product Shell Product with Linked WebForm/RFQ
Description (What) Used for basic and discrete purchases, typically material items Used for discrete purchases where the material or services is 'loosely' defined and needs further definition before it can be fulfilled or completed Used for combo purchases where a set of items collectively form a 'logical' unit of purchase. Used for purchasing items (material or services) that is related or should be procured within the context of another purchase or item

Webform - Used for infrequent complex purchases with possibly infrequent suppliers where the PO is more of a instrument to help get the supplier setup to be paid.

RFQ - Used for discrete purchases where the purchase needs to be  competitively sourced and the decision criteria is primarily cost based

What's unique about it? (What)   Pricing is dynamic and can be based on any number of custom aspects and quantity. Items can be sourced from multiple suppliers resulting in the most cost-effective purchase Image maps to help users easily locate what they are looking for. Ability to search by Model/SKU/manupart#

Flexibility in configuration

One or more logically associated items added to cart. If you edit a line in the cart, the original form is made available for editing.

Who will be using it? (Who) All users All users All users  

WebForm - All users

RFQ - Typically limited to select users

Sample Buys Office Supplies: pens, books
MRO: pipes, hand tools, cleaning supplies
Buying fibre-optic cable where the length and coating are crucial to fulfillment and the pricing.

Buying a drill, but the replacement battery from another supplier, and the warranty from a third

Buying a laptop, but the printer and monitor from another supplier.

All users

WebForm - HVAC repair order not to exceed $500 for labor and $100 for material

RFQ - Need new office light and lock system and need quotes since budget > 5000



Samsung Simple LED 23.6 Monitor with Easel Stand

MD510LL/A iPad Pro D141200 iMac with Retina 5K display

Buying gears for a specific machine

Replacement Parts for 111550

Goods Request Form

Request For Quote

SKU in Cart SKU

[Parent SKU + Option(s) SKU appended] or just the Parent SKU

Each item in the bundle has a unique SKU Each item in the replacement/related list has a unique SKU

Webforms - SKU associated with the form

RFQ - Not applicable