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The Curious Case of Dropdown Configurations


This article describes a SYSTEM wide configuration issue with configurations of type dropdown/select. It also provides how to find and confirm correct configurations.


The Case

  • Kimberly-Clark production is removing emails from the email log daily.

  • There is a configuration in the application where you can set how long to retain emails.
  • The setting looks to be set to "forever" but the logs are clearing after 1 day???


The Setting

The configuration section was correctly located and the setting was checked. See the result below.


The setting here APPEARS to be set to forever. However, upon closer inspection you can see that it is in fact set to nothing. The drop down is showing all choices but NONE of the choices is selected. The default HTML behavior is to show the first option.


Once saved as 7 (the desired setting in this case) the value is now "selected" as shown in the HTML below.


In this case the system has a defualt value of 1 via the installer so by default its setting the value = 1. The issue is that 1 is not an option in the UI so nothing is shown. Will create a CS Issue for this bug.


What you can do

If a value appears to be not paying attention to a configuration setting then use developer tools to inspect the HTML (


Check for selected = "selected" to see if the choice is really selected.


If not then SAVE to actually set the value.