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Contracts Use Cases

The BuyerQuest platform supports contracts from creation throughout the procurement workflow. A number of typical discount types are supported by the platform.

Video: BuyerQuest Contracts

Watch the video for a details on how Contracts are created, managed, and manifested in the BuyerQuest platform.

Central Contract Repository

BuyerQuest provides a platform for creating, storing, managing, and operationalizing contracts and pricing terms for use by buying organizations.

All contracts are fully searchable, to allow easy look up by supplier, date, owner, amount, and status for both supplier and item-level (SKU) contracts.  

BuyerQuest supports Supplier-Level, Item-Level, and Volume (Quantity) Discounts, in addition to Markups. See below for explanations of the various scenarios with examples. 

Supplier-Level Volume Discounts

Spend amount-based discounts can be negotiated for amounts ordered in the aggregate for any products or services from a specific supplier. Buying organizations can negotiate contracts with a supplier to get discounts based on spend levels during a specific time frame, usually annually. Shown below is a sample schedule of amounts and discounts. 

Amount Tier Discount
$0 - $1000 2%
$1000 - $10000 5%
$10000+ 7%

Item-Level (SKU) Quantity Discounts

Discounts on specific items identified by SKU can be negotiated with Suppliers. The BuyerQuest platform supports import of item-level contracts that specify discounts at  quantities purchased. 

Qty Range Discount SKU
10 - 99 2% 12345
100 - 199 5% 12345
200+ 10% 12345
5 - 49 2% 67890
50 - 99 5% 67890
100+ 7% 67890

Spend Amount-Based Volume Discounts

Discounts for specific products or services when the amount spent reaches specified levels within a calendar year or other specified time frame. 

Spend Amount Range Discount SKU
0 - 1000 0% 137 - Brochure Prints
1000+ 5%  
0 - 1000 0% 138 - Digital Prints
1000+ 5%  
0 2% 400 - Graphic Design

Quantity-Based Volume Markups

Often used by exchanges, group purchasing organizations, or third-party marketplace providers, markup pricing can be implemented per Supplier for a specific term and for specific items. 

Qty Range Discount SKU
0+ -3% 222 Abrasive Tape
0+ -5% 333 Electrical Plug