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Contract Spend and Analytics

BuyerQuest Contracts offers visualized spend analytics to provide users, administrators, and category managers with a quick and easy view into spend metrics and status on a Contract.

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Spend Analytics Overview

The BuyerQuest platform tracks and computes key metrics on spend against each contract and displays them in easy to reference charts and graphs shown at the top of each Contract Details page. 

The Supplier name and Contract ID are displayed at the top, with status. Also included are tracking of purchase order and approved invoice spend, plus calculated savings. 

Note: Spend Analytics are updated each day.  Updated display of recent spend will be available within 24 hours of spend occurrence. 

BuyerQuest ContractSpendSavings2019Jul02.png

  1. Export of Cumulative Purchase Order Spend is available from Export Details.  The resulting export includes all the details of Purchase Order lines spent against the contract.
  2. The total current Purchase Order Spend is shown and is updated as spend against the Contract continues.
  3. The Maximum Contract Amount is displayed for reference.
  4. Export of Cumulative Approved Invoices against the Contract is available from Export Details. The resulting export includes all the line details of Approval Invoices associated with the Contract.
  5. Savings is calculated and updated as spend against the Contract continues. Savings is the cumulated difference between List and Contract price and includes changed and cancelled Purchase Orders, removed items, and Credit Memos in the calculations. 
  6. Detailed Spend Data is presented in bar charts showing spend across time, by quarter. 

Purchase Order Line Details Export

Click the Export Details link on the Purchase Order tile, and the Purchase Order Details Export file is emailed to the user and includes the following fields:

Purchase Order Number, Line, SKU, Qty, List Unit Price, Contract Unit Price, Amount Spent, Amount Saved, Percentage Saved, and Ordered Date

Sample file: BoshC00001234POLine2019Jun27.csv

Invoice Line Details Export

Click the Export Details link on the Invoice tile, and the Invoice Line Details Export file is emailed to the user and includes the following fields:

Invoice, Line, PO#, SKU, Invoiced Qty, Currency, List Unit Price, Amount Invoiced, Invoice Date

Sample File: BoshC00001234InvoiceLine2019Jun27.csv