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Contracts in the Procurement Workflow

Contract IDs are displayed on product details pages and on Requests and Purchase Orders.

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Contract IDs Display in Documents and Workflow

Contract ids display in Request and Purchase Order pages and pdfs for line items that are included in a Contract at the time a Request is submitted. Contract id display applies to items included in both SKU-level and Supplier-level Contracts. 

Contract ids are also displayed on Product Detail and Product Listing pages. 

Contract ID on Product Detail Page

When an item is associated with an open Contract, the Product Details Page displays the Contract ID for easy reference. 

BuyerQuest ProductDetailsContract2019Jun20.png

  1. The Contract ID associated with the item displayed.
  2. The Contract Price is shown next to the List Price. 


Any Request that includes an item associated with a Contract displays the Contract ID. 

BuyerQuest RequestShowingContractID2019Jun17.png

Purchase Order

Purchase Order information includes the Contract id for any item associated with a Contract at the time the Request was submitted. 

BuyerQuest PurchaseOrderContractID2019Jun17.png