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Catalog Uploads in Global Catalogs

The BuyerQuest platform enables internal users to upload Supplier catalogs.

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Catalog Upload by User

The BuyerQuest platform provides supplier catalog upload functionality to internal users to reduce time and effort in catalog management.  Users at a buying organization with Global Catalogs permission may upload a catalog on behalf of a supplier in the rare event that such an upload provides expediency in the buying process. 

This Catalog Upload functionality extended to an internal user is the same as that afforded to Supplier users. 

Permission for Catalog Upload

Users who may have a need to upload a supplier catalog should have that permission set in Catalog Update Permissions in the Admin Control Panel.

The permission is set at USERS > Manage User Permissions > Permissions. The user's permission group should be chosen.

BuyerQuest ACLGlobalCatalogs2019Jul23.png

Global Catalogs Grid

Catalogs may be filtered, sorted, searched, reviewed, and uploaded from the Global Catalogs grid.

BuyerQuest GlobalCatalogsGrid2019Jul23.png

  1. Filter, sort, and search to locate a specific catalog to review or download
  2. Upload Catalog to access the Catalog Upload page.
  3. Access the ACTIONS menu to View Details, Download Catalog, or Download Validation Report

Upload Catalog Update

Upload Catalog Update provides the choice of the File Type and Upload Type before specifying the title and adding the files. 

Full Common Fields Catalog Upload replaces all the product records in the system for a supplier. Product records already in the system for that supplier prior to the Full Common Fields Upload are disabled. 

A supplier's disabled products in the system will be enabled when they are included in a Full Common Fields Catalog Upload

Delta Common Fields Catalog Upload allows suppliers to upload partial data -- only those fields where values need to be updated for a given SKU. All fields are optional, except for SKU. 

For delta uploads of partial data, the recommended best practice for a delta partial upload is to include only the columns that need to be updated. 

For details, see the topic Catalog Upload - Common Fields. 

BuyerQuest CatalogUpload2019Jul23.png

  1. Search and select a required Supplier name. 
  2. Specify the Upload Type for the Catalog Update
  3. Specify the Upload Type, Delta or Full. The default is Delta. 
    Note that the Upload Type of Delta is available only for Common Fields, Additional Attributes, and Custom Options Catalog Updates. 
  4. Provide a Title for the update.
  5. Provide the File for the update.
  6. To Submit, click on Submit Catalog Update
  7. Reference templates for each Catalog file type are available.
  8. Lists of Available Attributes, Units of Measure, and UNSPSC-Category Mappings are also available for reference. 


  • Only CSV and ZIP files are accepted.
  • There is a file size limit of 128 MB.
  • A catalog template is available for download on the Update Catalog Update page under Reference Templates.
  • To ensure data integrity while uploading catalogs, available system attributes, UOMs and UNSPSC-category mappings are available for download in the section entitled Available Attributes, UOMs and UNSPSC-Category Mapping.

Best Practice for Catalog Uploads 

BuyerQuest recommends uploading Catalog Files in the following order:

  • Common Fields
  • Additional Attributes
  • Custom Options
  • Tiered Pricing

Catalog Details

Access the Catalog Details from the Global Catalogs grid to review Warnings and Errors, Catalog Changes, Comments, and History. The Catalog, along with Validation and Change Reports may also be downloaded for review.

BuyerQuest GlobalCatalogsCatalogDetails2019Jul23.png

  1. The Catalog Id is shown at the top of the page, along with the Catalog Status.
  2. Catalog Information lists the File Type, the person and date submitted, along with the Supplier name. Also included are the number of Total Records and number of Updated records.
  3. Users may download the Catalog, Validation Report, or Change Report.
  4. Search and filter the Catalog Changes as needed.
  5. The Catalog Changes are listed 
  6. View Details for a given Change as needed. 
  7. Comments may be referenced.
  8. History is listed. 
  9. Upload Catalog provides access to the Upload Catalog page. 

Email Notifications

Internal users uploading Catalogs will receive email notifications. Notifications are sent for the following reasons:

  1. Catalog Upload Failure
  2. Catalog Failed Validation
  3. Catalog was not Approved
  4. Catalog was Processed Successfully
  5. Catalog Needs Approval
  6. Comment was added to Catalog