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Pay Invoices with BuyerQuest Pay

Invoices may be paid via e-payment through BQPay using payment providers such as CSI or Ascendant.

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Pay Invoices via BQPay

BQPay, the BuyerQuest e-payment module, may be used to pay invoices. Access the Pay via BQPay Grid from the Main Menu at PAYABLES > Pay Invoices > Pay via BQPay

The Pay via BQPay Grid displays Invoices in Partially Paid or OK to Pay status from Suppliers whose Payment Method is listed as BQPay.

Properly permissioned users will have access to Pay Invoices > Pay via BQPay in the Main Menu when they have a BQPay Company configured and designated in their Account Information.

These users may select Invoices to be processed and paid by BQPay in a Payment Batch

12 Invoices per page display in the Grid. 

BuyerQuest PayInvoicesGrid2020Nov17.png

  1. Use the Search box to locate Invoices to list or view.
  2. Use the Filters to target Invoices by specific field values: Supplier, Ship To, Bill To, Requested By, Due Date, Status, Total Amount
  3. Check the boxes next to the Invoices that you want to select to be added to a Payment Batch.
  4. Add to Batch.
  5. Selected Invoices area will update after Invoices are Added to Batch. 

Invoices Selected for Batch

After Invoices are selected and Added to a Payment Batch, they may be reviewed and removed from the batch before payment. 

BuyerQuest PayBQPaySelected2021Mar11.png

  1. Selected Invoices lists the invoices selected for the Batch.
  2. The Net Amount to be paid is listed, which is Total Amount minus Previously Paid Amount
  3. The ACTIONS menu enables individual Invoices to be removed from the Batch.
  4. Remove All Invoices from Batch to start over.
  5. Review the Batch before Payment.

Review Payments

Review Payments for the Invoices selected for the batch before Payment is made. 

BuyerQuest ReviewPayments2020Nov17.png

  1. The Payment Summary lists the number of Suppliers and Invoices with the Total amount to be paid.
  2. When the e-payment provider is CSI, select the Payment Date.
    When the e-payment provider is Ascendant, the system calculates the date to be the current date plus the number of days in the configured Holding Period, which is the number of days before the funds are moved from the holding account to the Supplier's account.
    See the topic: Payment Integration 
  3. Choose One Check per Supplier or One Check per Invoice.
  4. Return Back to the Invoice List or Pay