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Pay Invoices via Credit Card

Invoices may be paid via Credit Card by properly permissioned users.

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Manage Credit Cards

User Permissions (ACL) 

Invoice Emails

Pay Invoices via Credit Card

Access the Pay via Credit Card Grid from the Main Menu at PAYABLES > Pay Invoices > Pay via Credit Card

The Pay via Credit Card grid displays Invoices in OK to Pay status from Suppliers whose Payment Method is listed as BQPay and CC or CC.

12 Invoices per page display in the Grid. Invoices are sorted by default in descending order. 

BuyerQuest PayviaCreditCard2021Mar11.png

  1. Use the Search box to locate Invoices to list or view.
  2. Use the Filters to target Invoices by specific field values: Supplier, Ship To, Bill To, Requested By, Due Date, Status, Total Amount
  3. Check the boxes next to the Invoices that you want to select to be paid. 
  4. Next to be directed to Review Payment. 

Review Payment and Submission

After Invoices have been selected for payment, the Payment Method is selected from user's list of credit cards. Additional cards may be added before payment submission.

BuyerQuest ReviewCCPayment2V2021Mar25.png

  1. Select a credit card listed under Select Payment Method. All nonexpired saved credit cards are displayed. 
  2. or Add New Card .
  3. Provide the CVV. 
  4. Review the Payment Summary of Invoices, Due Dates, and Net Amounts.
  5. Submit or go Back

Credit Card Payment Confirmation

The Credit Card Payment Confirmation provides a transaction id along with information on notifications and Invoice update. 

BuyerQuest CCConfirmation2021Mar25.png

Credit Card Details Included on Invoice

Invoices paid via credit card list credit card details along with an updated History. 

BuyerQuest CCPaidInvoice2V2021Mar25.png

  1. The Credit Card details include the Transaction ID, last 4 digits of the Credit Card Number, Name and Billing Address associated with the card. 
  2. The History of the Invoice displays the updated Paid status.