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BuyerQuest Modules

The BuyerQuest Solution features functional modules for Contracts, a Private Marketplace, Invoice Matching, Payment, and Business Intelligence.

The BuyerQuest Solution Transforms Procurement 

BuyerQuest is a full P2P solution offering an immediate B2C shopping experience for busy buyers with full support for Contracts, Invoice Processing, Payment, and Business Intelligence.

Its usability is unparalleled and provides an immediate increase in user adoption. 

BuyerQuest Provides Immediate Value

The Contracts module offers Guaranteed Compliance by leveraging negotiated pricing from key Suppliers. 

The Private Marketplace enables a fun, easy-to-use B2C buying experience and Speed to Selection, allowing buyers to get what they need and then get back to work. 

Automated Invoice Processing and Payment offer Speed to Payment and confidence in AP processes. 

Business Intelligence allows buying organizations to leverage metrics for robust Spend Management. 

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