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Supported Currencies

The BuyerQuest platform supports over 170 currencies, including non-traditional currencies.

BuyerQuest offers 2 different options for accessing Exchange Rate information via API:

  1. Open Exchange Rate API (Recommended)

  2. API

NOTE: The WebserviceX API is no longer supported and access has been removed. 

Open Exchange Rate Supported Currencies

The Open Exchange Rate API offers support for over 170 Currencies, including some non-traditional currencies such as ByteCoin and BitShare.

The full list is available here: Supported Currencies

3 Digit Code
United States Dollar USD
Australian Dollar AUD
Bulgarian Lev BGN
Brazilian Real BRL
Canadian Dollar CAD
Swiss Franc CHF
Chinese Yuan CNY
Czech Koruna CZK
Danish Kron DKK
European Euro EUR
Great Britain Pound GBP
Hong Kong Dollar HKD
Croatian Kuna HRK
Hungarian Forint HUF
Indonesian Rupiah IDR
Israeli New Sheqel ILS
Indian Rupee INR
Japanese Yen JPY
South Korean Won KRW
Mexican Peso MXN
Malaysian Ringgit MYR
Norwegian Krone NOK
New Zealand Dollar NZD
Philippine Peso PHP
Polish Zloty PLN
Romanian Leu RON
Russian Ruble RUB
Swedish Krona SEK
Singapore Dollar SGD
Thai Bhat THB
Turkish Lira TRY
South African Rand ZAR