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Punchout Information Flows

This topic describes the various punchout experiences in BuyerQuest and provides detail on file formats, customizations, and messaging.


The BuyerQuest platform supports different types of Punchout experiences for customers. These are often referred to as Punchout To BuyerQuest and Punchout To Supplier. In some instances, a customer can have both. 

Punchout To BuyerQuest

Punchout To BuyerQuest is when a user punches into the BuyerQuest platform from an ERP system. During this experience the user will punch into BuyerQuest, add items to their cart within BuyerQuest, and then transfer their cart back to their ERP. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11_07_22 AM.png

Supported File Formats & Messages​

  • OCI - Inbound
  • OCI -  Outbound
  • cXML - POSR (Punchout Setup Request)
  • cXML - POOM (Punchout Order Message) 

Client Customizations

The Punchout to BuyerQuest inbound and outbound connections have the capability to be be customized for each client.

  • Inbound - Custom logic can be written to reroute the landing URL for the User and/or to create new Session Variables for the User.
  • Outbound - Custom logic can be written to manipulate the data that is sent back to the ERP system.
  • There is a custom table available that can be accessed via client code during the inbound and outbound transaction.  Details are available in the topic: Punchout Configuration - Custom Tables.

Punchout To Supplier

The Punchout To Supplier experience, for example, is when a user is on the BuyerQuest platform and punches out to a Supplier site, shops on that site, and punches back into BuyerQuest with the cart items added from the Supplier's site.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10_46_02 AM.png

Supported File Formats and Messages

See the Documentation Topic: 

Punchout To Supplier cXML - Punchout Setup Request (POSR) and Punchout Order Message (POOM)

In the case where a customer has both types of Punchouts, below is a sample of what that flow would look like:

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 2_34_35 PM.png