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Catalog Upload for Additional Attributes

Fields in the Additional Attributes catalog upload are described in the table below. 

Column Name Description Required Max Length Sample Value Notes
part_number ('sku' is also supported) This is the Suppliers Part Number Yes 40 1010

Use the part number that your customer would search for. Any keyboard-accessible characters are OK, but no "extended characters" (eg: ®, ™, ½, “curly quotes”, etc. THIS APPLIES TO ALL DATA IN THE FILE.  USE HTML EQUIVALENT LIKE "®" IF NECESSARY).

attribute_type This is the Type of attribute being uploaded Yes  N/A attribute

Not all attribute types will be utilized. BuyerQuest advises to use all that apply in order to provide rich content. Please reference the "Acceptable Attribute Types" table below for more information around acceptced values. 


Note: Attributes that do not exist in the system will be rejected. 


attribute_name This is the display name for attribute being uploaded No N/A Color  
attribute_value This is the value of the row Yes N/A



attribute_name_<store view code>  This is the display name for attribute being uploaded followed by the storeview code which represents the language code No N/A Couleur <store view> has the following format <language code>_<region code>
attribute_value_<store view code>     This is the value of the row followed by the storeview code which represents the language code No N/A noir <store view> has the following format <language code>_<region code>


Acceptable Attribute Types:

attribute_type  Description attribute_name Sample attribute_value Sample
image Additional product images. Images can be provided in any of the following formats. (https link, JPEG, PNG, GIF) Secondary -Side abc123-side.jpg


('pdf' supported)

This is used for Attachments Operation Manual abc123 manual.pdf
attribute Product specific attributes Screen Size 20in
related Products that can be purchased with the associated SKU (example: buying a phone, related product is a headset)   CDE1234
cross_sell Example: products that user who bought product A often buy product B   ZZZ1111
up_sell Example: buying phone, may want a phone case.    DDD1234
diagram  Example: image of replacement part diagram  Part Diagram
replacement_part Replacement parts can be purchased with associated Sku 1 ABC123-12-A
kit Items that will be purchased as a bundle Computer Kit 1 XYZ2124
bundle Items that will be purchased as a bundle Computer Kit 1 XYZ2124

Additional Attributes Template


Multilingual Additional Attributes

There are two values that are modified for additional languages in the Custom Options file:
•    attribute_name
•    attribute_value
These language-specific columns are added at the end of the Additional Attributes file. There is no limit to the number of language specific columns that can be added.
An example the multilingual 'attribute_name' column. 
attribute_name_<store view code> = The <store view code> is recommended to be <language code>_<region code>. Eg. attribute_name_fr_FR and attribute_value_fr_FR for attribute_value
Note: An Admin is able to change these multilingual columns directly from the Admin control panel by navigating to Menu > Catalogs > Manage Products.

User Flow


1. User has valid Catalog type = Additional Attributes file ready for upload (See Sample referenced above)

2. Supplier User has Catalog ASL permissions turned on


New Additional Attributes uploading Flow:

1. Open frontend and login as Supplier User (eg: :: bquest1)

2. Go to Buyerquest Network > Catalogs > Upload Catalog > Upload Catalog Update

3. Attach valid Catalog type = Additional Attributes file

4. Fill in Title field and select File Type = Additional Attributes

5. Click Submit Catalog Update

6. Verify new CAT-XXX record of Validation Completed status appears on Catalog Updates grid

7. Verify CAT-XXX status changes from Validation Completed to Live after passing validation

8. Go to /control > Menu > Catalog > Manage Attributes> Attributes > and verify attribute you have just uploaded is available

9. Go to /control> Menu > Catalog > Products > open product item you have uploaded attributes for (eg: MB829LL/A)

10. Under Additional Attributes tab verify if uploaded attribute is present 

11. On frontend find a product item with assigned attribute (eg: MB829LL/A) and verify attribute value is present 

NOTE: You should download only the list of supported attributes in the supplier portal otherwise you get an error message in the Validation report file