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BuyerQuest Standard Contract Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

The full details of BuyerQuest's Standard SLAs are included here.

1. Scope

Support generally includes bug fixes, version upgrades, and standard guidance around use and functionality. Support does not include Tier 1 support. 

2. Support Contact

Customer shall name an employee or other representative who shall have the responsibility of initiating and/or raising any tickets on behalf of Customer to Company, in the manner reasonably specified by the Company (hereinafter, “Support Contact”).  The Support Contact shall be sufficiently skilled and trained to act competently as system administrator and configuration specialist of the Platform.  COMPANY SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY RELATING TO SERVICE PERFORMANCE IN WARRANTY OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING ANY SERVICE CREDIT LIABILITY, UNLESS AND UNTIL A SUITABLE SUPPORT CONTACT HAS BEEN APPOINTED. 

3. Support Protocol

The Company is available to provide Support during business and non-business hours with the following terms and conditions.

a. “Business Hours” are 9am – 5pm ET from Monday to Friday, on days that are not Federal holidays.  All other hours are considered non-Business Hours.

b. Company’s Support response and obligations shall not be triggered unless and until Customer has contacted the Company in one of the following ways:

   i.         Via Company’s online portal: (a “Portal contact”);

   ii.         Via email: (an “Email contact”); or

   iii.         Via phone:  (866) 937-0670 ext. 3 (a “Phone contact” via call forwarding and recording service).

c. Company’s primary communication means in any ticket cycle will be through Company’s ticketing system.  In some cases, Company support representatives may contact Customer directly via phone or email, as needed. 

d. Ticket Severity and Response Expectations.  In rendering Support, Company will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to a Support request as follows*:

Issue Severity





Defect causes BuyerQuest application to be unusable or completely unresponsive, resulting in total disruption of work or causing critical business impact. No workaround is available.


  • Site isn't accessible or users are unable to log in
  • Users are not able to check out, create BQ requisitions, or create BQ purchase orders
  • Server level defect

Response Time: 
30 minutes during Business Hours,
4 hours during non-Business Hours

Remediation Deployment Timing: Immediate upon available solution (hot fix)


Defect causes major features or functions to fail, resulting in a severe restriction of business operations. A workaround is available but is generally deemed to be unacceptable.

  • Specific module(s) load very slowly
  • Unable to load updates to master data or supplier catalog data
  • Search is not working
  • Server level defect

Response Time: 
1 hour during Business Hours, 
8 hours during non-business hours

Remediation Deployment Timing: Immediate upon available solution (hot fix)



Defect causes a feature or function to not meet planned requirements, resulting in minimal disruption of business operations. A workaround is available, and use of the BuyerQuest application can continue.

  • Attributes missing on the Product Detail Page
  • Search Result filters not fully functioning

Response Time:
1 Business Day

Remediation Deployment Timing: Prioritized within monthly releases



Any tasks or questions, or defects that cause almost no impact to functionality, resulting in limited business impact.

  • Question about a configuration
  • Browser or device compatibility issue
  • Question and timing of new features

Response Time: 1 Business Week

Remediation Deployment Timing: Tasks and questions addressed promptly as Support team availability allows. Defects prioritized within monthly releases.


{*} – Note that this table reflects Company’s current guidelines; Company reserves the right to change its guidelines in its reasonable discretion. 

4. Upgrade Support

BuyerQuest will provide defect fixes and new functionality in its software releases.  BuyerQuest shall have no obligation to fix defects or provide new functionality in any version of its software other than the most current version.  The timing of any software upgrade will be mutually agreed upon between the client and BuyerQuest. Standard monthly releases are automatically upgraded to Client's UAT site "five" business days after the last business day of the month. Production site will be upgraded manually upon Client's written request via email or Company's online portal.