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BuyerQuest Pay Overview - Secure Settlement via B2B e-Payments

BuyerQuest Pay provides complete settlement within the BuyerQuest platform.

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BuyerQuest Pay Provides Complete Settlement 

BuyerQuest Pay, the BuyerQuest e-payments module, offers the ability for seamless, rapid, and complete settlement of invoices within the BuyerQuest platform.

Integrations with CSI and AscendantI, both leaders in secure corporate payments, enables straightforward configuration and powerful payment management, with visibility into transaction details. 

Buying organizations benefit from swift settlement, multiple payment methods, and detailed transaction information, enabling frictionless and secure settlement.

BuyerQuest Pay offers multiple payment methods, PCI compliance requirements, and treasury functions such as stopping and reissuing payments and bank statement reconciliation, while minimizing storage and transmission of remittance details. 

Invoices can be settled within 24 to 48 hours. BuyerQuest Pay offers a choice of payment methods to accommodate a wide range of AP practices and procedures. 

Payment methods include: 

  • Virtual Card
  • Network/ACH 
  • Direct Bank ACH
  • Check 

Payment Manager Oversees and Manages Payments

BuyerQuest Pay supports the persona of the Payment Manager to oversee and manage payments.

Configurations and permissions support the Payment Manager's access to a Pay Invoices Grid for creating invoice batches and making and scheduling payments.

From the Pay Invoices Grid on the BuyerQuest platform, the Payment Manager can perform standard invoice payment activities, including: 

  • Partial Invoice Payment
  • Batch Invoices for Payment
  • Payment Scheduling
  • Check Authorization
  • Review of Payment Details
  • Review of Invoice Status

The integration with a Payment Provider affords the Payment Manager additional access and payment management functions:

  • Stop Payment
  • Issue or Deliver Payment
  • Reissue Payment
  • View Payment Summary 

Implement and Leverage BuyerQuest Pay on the BuyerQuest Platform

Buying organizations can begin leveraging the benefits of frictionless e-payment settlement with configurations in both Payment Provider and BuyerQuest.

After configuration, the signature BuyerQuest user friendly interface offers quick and easy invoice payment from the platform.

BQPay Configuration describes in detail the straightforward setup enabling e-payment integration between BuyerQuest and a Payment Provider. 

BQPay Invoice Payment provides step-by-step e-payment processes for the Payment Manager. 

Additional Information - BuyerQuest Pay Detailed Documentation 

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