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BuyerQuest Pay Configuration

BuyerQuest Pay is enabled with straightforward configurations on BuyerQuest and e-payments service provider platforms.

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Configure BuyerQuest Pay

BuyerQuest Pay provides a seamless and secure e-payment solution within BuyerQuest, enabled by an integration between BuyerQuest and an e-payment provider, either CSI or Ascendant. 

Buying organizations choosing to implement BuyerQuest Pay need to complete required configurations on both the payment provider's and the BuyerQuest platforms.

Configure and Enable e-Payments on the Payment Provider Platform

Configuration begins on a secure and PCI-compliant payment portal.

Both client buying organizations and their selected suppliers are enabled by the processes guided by the payment provider's support team.

The payment provider enablement process includes the completion of specific requirements essential for the integration with BuyerQuest and mechanics of payment delivery: 

  1. Execution of the Master Services Agreement.
  2. Creation of the buying organization's account on the payment provider platform, including collection of the organization's W-9, ACH, and banking information.
  3. The buying organization's detailed specifications on payment delivery.
  4. Registration and onboarding of Suppliers identified by the buying organization. 

Enable BuyerQuest Pay on the BuyerQuest Platform

When the payment provider's configuration requirements have been completed, configuration of BuyerQuest Pay on the BuyerQuest platform results in a seamless integration with the payment provider for payments to Suppliers chosen to be configured to be paid through BuyerQuest Pay. 

Configurations in the following areas of the BuyerQuest platform are necessary, and, when complete, enable BuyerQuest Pay to be used by a properly permissioned Payment Manager to pay invoices from Suppliers who have been configured to be paid from the BuyerQuest platform. 

  1. Payment Integration "turns on" BuyerQuest Pay on the platform and provides the urls and credentials for batch posting of payments via integration with the payment provider.
  2. BQPay Company is set up to identify the compan(ies) the payments are posted against. 
  3. Supplier Payment Method specifies BQPay as the Payment Method for Suppliers agreeing to be paid via e-Payment. 
  4. Set Permissions for Payment Manager to access and pay Invoices and manage payments.
  5. Set Payment Options for the Payment Manager, specifying the BQPay Company in Payment Options. 

Payment Integration

Configuration of payment integration on BuyerQuest is necessary to post payments with a Payment Provider.

Details are specified in the Admin Control Panel at SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION > Settings and Configurations > Manage System Configurations > PAYABLES > Payment Integration. 

Payment Provider CSI

BuyerQuest PaymentProviderCSIBQPay2021Apr16.png

  1. Select Yes to Enable Payments.
  2. Select CSI as the Payment Provider.
  3. Specify the CSI API URL.
  4. Specify the CSI Landing URL
  5. Save.

Payment Provider Ascendant

BuyerQuest AscendantConfig2021Apr16.png

  1. Select Yes to Enable BQPay.
  2. Select Ascendant as the Payment Provider
  3. Enter the Client ID, as provided in instructions from Payment Provider.
  4. Select the number of days for the Holding Period - the number of days before the funds are moved from the Payer's account to the holding account.
  5. Enter the URLs and Credentials established for the integration with Ascendant

Note: When Ascendant has been configured to be the Payment Provider,  the system ignores the BQPay Company configuration in the User record. 

Manage BQPay Company

Companies using BuyerQuest Pay are identified and credentialed in the Admin Control Panel at ACCOUNTING > Manage BQPay Companies.

The BQPay Company is then specified as the Payment Option in the user record for each Payment Manager

  1. Provide the Company Id.
  2. Provide the Company Name.
  3. Enter the email address used in the configuration with the e-payment provider, CSI. 
  4. Provide the Check Prefix.
  5. Provide the Check Sequence.
  6. Add Company
  7. Use the X to delete an entry.
  8. Save.

Specify BQPay as Payment Method for each Supplier

In the Admin Control Panel at SUPPLIERS > Manage Suppliers > Supplier Information, the Payment Method must be configured as BQPay for each Supplier to be paid through the BQPay module. 

BuyerQuest support, along with the CSI Supplier enablement team, will provide guidance through the Supplier onboarding process. 


Set Permissions for Payment Manager

The Payment Manager must have permissions to Pay and Manage Invoices. These permissions are set in the Admin Control Panel at USERS > Manage User Permissions

BuyerQuest PaymentManagerPermissions2020Dec08.png    

Specify BQPay Company in Payment Options for Payment Manager

In the Admin Control Panel at USERS > Manage Users > Account Information, specify in Payment Options section the name of the BQPay Company for which the Payment Manager will be issuing payments. 

Use the Company Name from a BQPay Company entry configured in Manage BQPay Companies

BuyerQuest UserPaymentOptions2020Dec09.png

Note: When Ascendant has been configured to be the Payment Provider,  the system ignores the BQPay Company configuration in the User record. 

Additional Information - BuyerQuest Pay Detailed Documentation  

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