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BuyerQuest Pay Invoice Payment

The Payment Manager may access the Pay Invoices Grid, select Invoices for Payment Batches, and specify and review Payment Details.

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BuyerQuest Pay Configuration

BuyerQuest Pay for Invoice Payment on the BuyerQuest Platform

BuyerQuest Pay is enabled through configurations on both the CSI and the BuyerQuest platform. See BuyerQuest Pay Configuration for details. 

When the necessary configurations have been completed, the Payment Manager has access to the Pay Invoices Grid from the Main Menu on the BuyerQuest home page.

The Grid displays Invoices in OK2Pay or Partially Paid Status in the Grid. The Payment Manager is able to view and select invoices from the Grid to be included in a Payment batch.

Up to 12 Invoices per page display in the Grid to be included in a batch for payment. 

BuyerQuest PaywithBQPay2021May5.png

  1. Search locates Invoices to list and view.
  2. Filters may be used to target Invoices by specific field values: Supplier, Ship To, Bill To, Requested By, Due Date, Status, Total Amount
  3. Check boxes are used to select Invoices to be added to a Payment Batch.
  4. Add to Batch for Selected Invoices
  5. Selected Invoices area updates after Invoices are Added to Batch. 

Invoices Selected for Payment Batch

After Invoices are selected and Added to a Payment Batch, they may be reviewed before payment. 

BuyerQuest SelectedInvoicesBatch2V2020Nov17.png

  1. Selected Invoices lists the invoices selected for the Batch.
  2. The Net Amount to be paid is listed, which is the Total Amount minus any Previously Paid Amount
  3. The ACTIONS menu enables individual Invoices to be removed from the Batch.
  4. Remove All Invoices from Batch to start over.
  5. Review the Batch before Payment.

Review Payments

Review Payments for the Invoices selected for the batch and specify payment details before Payment is made. 

BuyerQuest ReviewPayments2020Nov17.png

  1. The Payment Summary lists the number of Suppliers and Invoices with the Total amount to be paid.
  2. Select the Payment Date. The Payment Date may be set up to 90 days in advance. 
  3. Choose One Check per Supplier or One Check per Invoice.  The Check is a payment authorization made for a specific invoice. 
    One Check per Supplier issues one payment for all the invoices per supplier. One check per Invoice issues a separate payment for each invoice in the batch.
  4. Return Back to the Invoice List or Pay

Review Paid Invoice

When the Batch is sent for Payment, it is paid within 24 to 48 hours.

The Status of the Invoice is updated after Payment confirmation is received from CSI, usually once a day. 

The PayID and Status are updated for each BQ Check and the Paid Status is reflected in the Invoice Details. 

BuyerQuest PaidInvoice3V2020Nov19.png

  1. The Payment Records section lists the Payment details for the Invoice, including the Check number, with Issue and Payment dates.
    Note that the Status of the Invoice has changed from OK2Pay to Awaiting Payment
  2. The History reflects actions and status changes as the Invoice moves through the Payment process. 

Manage Payments

The Payment Manager has access to a dashboard in the CSI application to view invoices, payment dates and amounts, supplier records, payment methods, and other payment details.

Stop payment and reissue payment are also available from the CSI dashboard.  

Additional Information - BuyerQuest Pay Detailed Documentation  

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