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BuyerQuest Marketplace Home Page Customizations

The BuyerQuest Marketplace Home Page may be configured to offer shortcuts to recommended products, instructions, and information for busy users.

Create a Customized Buying Environment on the Marketplace Home Page

The BuyerQuest Home Page provides a canvas for resourceful administrators to use to provide a host of shortcuts and information to provide to their buyers:

  • Links to Custom Product Collections
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Procurement policies and ordering instructions
  • FAQs
  • Access to Forms to contract for services
  • Surveys
  • Direct links to suppliers and service providers
  • Visual search

Use BuyerQuest Functionality to Create a Customized Buying Experience

Marketplace Home Page customizations are easily configured using BuyerQuest features. Find more information on key functionality in the following topics: 

Video - Marketplace Home Page Customizations

Watch the video for an overview of a wide array of home page customizations that provide key information and assist buyers in accessing recommended products quickly. These customizations are easy to set up and have been implemented by BuyerQuest clients.