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Content Groups, User Groups, and User Permissions

Permissions can be assigned and configured through the use of Content Groups, User Groups, and User Permissions.

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User Management
Create Content Groups
Switch Content Groups for Access and Shopping

Content Groups

Content Groups allow an organization to control the actions and access to documents (including workflow documents and catalog content)  available to different categories of users.

Content Groups are central to a key strategy for organizations to deploy for robust support for autonomous business units or individual franchise operations.  They provide the ability to allow access only to users who need to view and use content and functionality.

Content Groups are created and assigned to Users, who may be assigned a Primary Content Groups and also additional Content Groups for access to different sets of documents, suppliers, and actions. 

View, create, and manage Content Groups from the Admin Control Panel > Users > Manage Content Groups

BuyerQuest ManageContentGroups2018Aug21.png

Typically, Users, Documents, and Reports are shared amongst the members in a Content Group

Using BQ Settlement as a payment method for Suppliers is also configured by Content Group. Members of a Content Group configured to use BQ Settlement as a payment method may use a Credit Card or P-Card to pay Suppliers who are configured to accept that payment method. 

User Groups

BuyerQuest User Groups are different from Content Groups in that they are classified as a group of users who may be located in a particular region or assigned a common role, such as group approvers for requests.

View, create, and manage User Groups from the Admin Control Panel > Users > Manage User Groups


User Permission Groups


User Permissions

User Permissions allow for Admin users to define permissions for each permission created. Below is the list of permissions, which are defined by the Admin selecting permissions.

BuyerQuest UserPermissionsPart12017Dec13V2.png

BuyerQuest UserPermissionsPart22017Dec13.png