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Self-Service Catalog Management Overview

BuyerQuest self-service catalog management provides best-in-class capture, comparison, approval, promotion and maintenance of catalog data.

See Documentation Topics:

BuyerQuest Catalog Upload and Document Statuses
Catalog Upload - Common Fields
Catalog Upload Status and Validation Reports


The BuyerQuest system provides the Supplier with a Dashboard to review statistics on their catalogs, including a graphical view, as well as chart-organized information related to Catalog Management, including best sellers, etc.

The BuyerQuest Network (BQN) provides the Supplier with a way to upload, modify and manage catalogs, at any time, with no impact on performance. The system provides Suppliers with success and failure notifications regarding catalog import.

Upload Catalog Files via the BuyerQuest Network

To Upload Catalog Files via the BuyerQuest Network, use the main menu to access BuyerQuest Network > Catalogs.

BuyerQuest Supplier Network Upload Catalog 

Catalog Upload

Upload Catalog Update allows you to choose the File Type and Upload Type before specifying the title and adding the files. 

A Full Common Fields Catalog Upload replaces all the product records in the system for a supplier. Product records already in the system for that supplier prior to the Full Common Fields Upload are disabled. 

A supplier's disabled products in the system will be enabled when they are included in a Full Common Fields Catalog Upload

A Delta Common Fields Catalog Upload allows suppliers to upload partial data -- only those fields where values need to be updated for a given SKU. All fields are optional, except for SKU. 

For delta uploads of partial data, the recommended best practice for a delta partial upload is to include only the columns that need to be updated. 

For details, see the topic Catalog Upload - Common Fields. 

BuyerQuest UploadCatalogUpdate2018Apr17.png

  1. Specify the Upload Type for the Catalog Update
  2. Specify the Upload Type, Delta or Full. The default is Delta. 
    Note that the Upload Type of Delta is available only for Common Fields, Additional Attributes, and Custom Options Catalog Updates. 
  3. Provide a Title for the update.
  4. Provide the File for the update.
  5. To Submit, click on Submit Catalog Update


  • Only CSV and ZIP files are accepted.
  • There is a file size limit of 128 MB.
  • A catalog template is available for download on the Update Catalog Update page under Reference Templates.
  • To ensure data integrity while uploading catalogs, available system attributes, UOMs and UNSPSC-category mappings are available for download in the section entitled Available Attributes, UOMs and UNSPSC-Category Mapping.

Best Practice for Catalog Uploads

BuyerQuest recommends uploading Catalog Files in the following order:

  • Common Fields
  • Additional Attributes
  • Custom Options
  • Tiered Pricing

Catalogs Grid

The Catalog Grid lists the uploaded Catalog Files by Update #, Catalog, Type (Common Fields, Tiered Pricing, Additional Attributes or Custom Options), Status (Pending Validation, Validation Completed, Processed Successfully, Approval Needed, Approved, Failed), Updated (Date) and Submitted (by User's Name).

BuyerQuest SupplierCatalogGrid2V2018Nov12.png

  1.  Search by Catalog IS. 
  2. Use the Filters to locate a catalog. 
  3. Choose to View Details,  Download File, or Download Validation Report from the ACTIONS list. 
    • Select View Details to open the Catalog Detail page
    • Select Download File to download a CSV version of the Catalog File (see Download Catalog File for more information)
    • Select Download Validation Report to download a csv version of the Validation Report.  
    • Select Download Change Report to download a csv version of the Change Report. 

Catalog File Details Page

The Catalog File Details page provides information throughout the Validation and Approval process. 

Use View Details on the Catalog Updates page to open the Catalog Details page and view the details of your catalog file upload at any time.

The Catalog Details page consists of three sections: Catalog Information, History, and Comments. Information listed in these sections is dependent on the Catalog Upload status. 

  • The Catalog Information section displays File Type, Reason for Failures (If applicable), Supplier, and Date Submitted.  
  • The History section indicates that the uploaded Catalog File is Pending Validation as of the time it was uploaded (date and time stamp is displayed). Click Toggle All to expand all History entries simultaneously, or toggle them individually.
  • The Comments section allows for a comment to be left regarding a Catalog upload.

Catalog History for All Catalog Uploads

For any Catalog Upload (Common Fields, Additional Attributes, Tiered Pricing, or Custom Options) the Catalog History section in the Catalog Details Page displays a separate record for each status change occurring during the catalog workflow for an upload.

Each record displays the date and a time stamp and lists the status with a short description.  

Users can monitor and track the status of any catalog file upload by referencing the Catalog History accessible from the Catalog Details page

The History section displays the various states involved in the Catalog File Upload process:

  • Pending Validation - the BuyerQuest system validates the uploaded file to ensure it is in the correct format with regard to UNSPSC, UOM, Language and Currency
  • Awaiting Approval - the BuyerQuest system has the ability to send an email notification to the Approver, through which they can Deny or Approve the uploaded Catalog File
  • Approved - the Approver has approved the uploaded Catalog File and the system will begin moving data associated with the file to the Marketplace
  • Processed Successfully  - the BuyerQuest system validated the file and sends it on for Approval (if required).

BuyerQuest CatalogHistory2018Mar27.png

Catalog Details - Failed Status

Catalog Details for Failed Status include Catalog Information citing the Reason for Failure and the ability to download the submitted Catalog File and the Validation Report in addition to the ability to add and submit Comments. 

BuyerQuest CatalogDetailsFailed2019Jul23.png


  1. Catalog Information includes File Type, Reason for Failure, the user submitting the catalog, Supplier, and Date Submitted.
  2. View the Submitted Catalog or the Validation Report by clicking on the links.
  3. Add an Optional Comment. 
  4. And Submit.
  5. The History section is a listing of each status change in the Catalog Upload. The most recent entry is listed first. 

Catalog Details - Pending Approval or Pending Validation

Catalog Details for a Catalog Upload Pending Approval reports on the status and provides the ability to approve the catalog, along with allowing for file downloads.

BuyerQuest CatalogDetailsPendingApproval2019Jul23.png 

  1. Status line indicating that the Catalog is Pending Approval. If the Catalog is Pending Validation, the message indicates that status. 
  2. Catalog Information is displayed.
  3. File Downloads are provided.
  4. An Approver may Approve or Deny or Upload Catalog.

Catalog Details - Processed Successfully 

When a Catalog status indicates that it processed successfully, the Catalog Details page allows file downloads for Catalog, Validation Report, and Change Report, in addition to several ways to review Catalog Changes.

BuyerQuest GlobalCatalogsCatalogDetails2019Jul23.png

  1. The Catalog Id is shown at the top of the page, along with the Catalog Status.
  2. Catalog Information lists the File Type, the person and date submitted, along with the Supplier name. Also included are the number of Total Records and number of Updated records.
  3. Users may download the CatalogValidation Report, or Change Report.
  4. Search and filter the Catalog Changes as needed.
  5. The Catalog Changes are listed 
  6. View Details for a given Change as needed. 
  7. Comments may be referenced.
  8. History is listed. 
  9. Upload Catalog provides access to the Upload Catalog page. 

View Catalog Changes - Download Change Report 

View all Catalog Changes by downloading the Change Report, as provided in the Catalog Details header.

BuyerQuest CatalogDetailsChangeReport2019Jul23.png

View Catalog Submitted or the Catalog Validation Report

Review the Submitted Catalog or the Validation Report from the Catalog Information section in  Catalog Details

BuyerQuest CatalogDetailsDownloadValidationReport2019Jul23.png

Filter or View Catalog Changes by Item

View Catalog Changes for each item in the Catalog Changes section of Catalog Details.

BuyerQuest CatalogDetailsChanges2019Jul23.png

  1. To Filter the items listed in Catalog Changes, click on Filter and
  2. View Details provides a list of old and new values for each field for an item. 

View Details - Catalog Changes

View Details opens a modal window (overlaying the Catalog Changes page) listing the old and new values for the attributes of the item.

For Items Added, View Details displays the attribute values in the New Values column and all values in the Old Values column display as N/A.

For Items Removed, View Details displays the attributes values under the Old Values and all values in the New Values column display as N/A. 

Note that the Catalog Change Details include, when applicable, pricing based on catalog.

BuyerQuest CatalogChanges2018aOct22.png

Catalog Workflow Approval

The Catalog Workflow Approval Chain displays who the Approver of this Catalog File Upload was.

Catalog File Validation Email Notification

The BuyerQuest Network system sends Validation Notification Emails upon Catalog File validation.

If the uploaded Catalog File fails, the email Notification provides a link to the Validation Report outlining the issues encountered. 

When the uploaded Catalog File passes validation, you receive a notification, as well as information about who needs to approve it. The uploaded Catalog File passes with warnings, but not errors. The notification email can be configured to indicate how many warnings there are. The notification email can also be configured to provide a link to the Validation Report.

Catalog File Approval/Rejection

The BuyerQuest system can be configured to send emails to Approvers through which the Approvers can Deny or Approve Catalog File Uploads as well as view changes and download the Change Report.

An Approver can also give approval through the system, on the Catalog Updates page available at BuyerQuest Network > Catalogs.

Depending on permissions, an Approver may also view all Catalog Updates, not just those awaiting their approval. 

Upon approval, catalog data begins being  loading into the system.

BuyerQuest EmailCatalogApproval2018Jan29V2.png