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Catalog Upload - Additional Attributes

Attributes and attribute types for catalog uploads are detailed here, in addition to a sample template and descriptions of support for multi-lingual attribute values.

See Documentation Topics: 

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BuyerQuest highly recommends that Suppliers upload Additional Attributes to supply key supplemental information for products
The Additional Attributes Upload file is used for importing additional product information such as product images, attachments, videos, diagrams, related products, and replacement parts.

Suppliers may upload Additional Attributes files as a full upload or as a delta upload.

Delta uploads can be used for items that need to be added or updated. 

Note: Attributes not yet existing in the system will be made viewable, but configuration is required after import for them to be searchable and filterable. 

Delta Uploads

For each SKU in an Additional Attributes delta upload file the following behavior is the result of the import:

  • If the SKU does exist in the system the additional attribute data is replaced or added by the value(s) in the file
  • If the SKU does not exist in the system or is empty a warning is generated and the SKU is not updated.

Note: In general, for an existing product, existing attribute values are replaced by new attribute values of the same type. 

Additional Attribute Type Action
attributes For each valid sku in the file
if product has existing attributes, the attribute values in the file replace the existing attribute values of the product

if the product has no existing attributes, the attribute values in the file are added to the product attribute
bundle, kit, or replacement_part For each new bundle, kit, or replacement_part in the file:
The new attribute of that type for that supplier is added with no removal of any existing attribute of that type for that supplier.

For each existing bundle, kit, or replacement in the file:
The items associated to it are replaced in the system with the ones specified in the file. 
image, attachment, related, cross_sell, up_sell, diagram  For each valid sku in the file,
•    if the product has existing existing attributes of one of these types, they are replaced with the ones of the same type in the file.
•    if the product does not have existing attributes of that type, those in the file are added to the product.

Additional Attributes Fields Details 

Column Name Description Required Max Length Sample Value
part_number (sku is also supported) Supplier's Part Number
Yes 40 1010
attribute_type Type of attribute being uploaded

Not all attribute types may be used, but include all that apply  to provide rich content.

Please see the Acceptable Attribute Types table below for more details on attribute types. 
Yes  N/A attribute
options_position Display sequence for an option within a bundle  No N/A 2
attribute_name This is the display name for attribute being uploaded.
Required for all attribute types except related, cross_sell, and up_sell N/A Color
attribute_value This is the value of the row Yes N/A Black
attribute_name_<store view code>  This is the display name for attribute being uploaded followed by the storeview code which represents the language code.

<store view> has the following format <language code>_<region code>
No N/A Couleur
attribute_value_<store view code>     This is the value of the row followed by the storeview code which represents the language code.

<store view> has the following format <language code>_<region code>
No N/A noir
position Display sequence of item in bundle or replacement part. Used for bundle and replacement part iimports No N/A 1
label Used as the label for replacement part child SKU. Does not need to be unique No 255 1

Acceptable Attribute Types

attribute_type  Description Sample attribute_name  Sample attribute_value
image Additional product images (photo, schematic, other type of picture).Images can be provided in any of the following formats. (https link, JPEG, PNG, GIF) Secondary -Side abc123-side.jpg
attachment This is used for Attachments Operation Manual abc123 manual.pdf
attribute Product specific attributes Screen Size 20in
related Products that can be purchased with the associated SKU (example: buying a phone, related product is a headset)   CDE1234
cross_sell Example: products that user who bought product A often buy product B   ZZZ1111
up_sell Example: buying phone, may want a phone case.    DDD1234
diagram  Example: image of replacement part diagram  Part Diagram
replacement_part Replacement parts can be purchased with associated Sku 1 ABC123-12-A
kit Items that will be purchased as a bundle Computer Kit 1 XYZ2124
bundle Items that will be purchased as a bundle Computer Kit 1 XYZ2124
video product video(s) for a specific product
attribute name is either youtube or vimeo
attribute_value is the id of the video on youtube or vimeo
youtube if a youtube video

vimeo if a vimeo video

Additional Attributes Validation and Change Reports

The table below provides details on the validation and change reports generated associated with file status. 

Generation of reports applies to both Full and Delta uploads. 

File Status Reason (If Status is Failed) Validation Report is Created Change Report is Created 
Failed A file of the same type is being processed by the system    
Failed  File failed validation Y  
Failed File failed to be updated due to system issues Y  
Processed Successfully   Y Y

Multi-lingual Additional Attributes

There are two values that support additional languages in the Additional Attributes file:
•    attribute_name
•    attribute_value

These language-specific columns are added at the end of the Additional Attributes file.
There is no limit to the number of language specific columns that can be added.

An example is the multilingual 'attribute_name' column. 
attribute_name_<store view code> = The <store view code> is recommended to be <language code>_<region code>. Eg. attribute_name_fr_FR and attribute_value_fr_FR for attribute_value.

Note: An Admin is able to change these multilingual columns directly from the Admin control panel at CATALOGS > Manage Products.

Related, Up-sell, Cross-sell Products Display in Marketplace

Products listed in additional attributes as connected as related, an up-sell or a cross-sell display in Marketplace in the product details page or shopping cart. 

Related Product and Product Up-sell on Product Details Page

Products specified in Additional Attributes as Related or Up-sells display on the Product Details Page of the products they are associated with.

BuyerQuest AdditionalAttributesUpSellRelated2018Nov08.png

Product Cross-sell on a Shopping Cart Page

A product specified as an Cross-sell for a product being ordered is shown at the bottom of a Shopping Cart page before checkout.

BuyerQuest AdditionalAttributesCrosssellinCart2018Nov08.png