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Catalog Upload - Custom Options

This topic describes the custom options fields for catalog uploads and includes a sample csv template and provides details on multi-lingual support in custom options.

Catalog Upload - Custom Options

Full or Delta Load Accommodated

Custom Options may be a full or delta upload. 

Delta Upload Behavior

A delta upload allows supplier import of additional or updated custom options for products that exist in the system.

A delta import of custom options is handled as described below. 

  • If the SKU does not exist in the system or is empty, a warning should be generated and the line should be skipped.
  • If the SKU does exist, for each valid SKU in the file:
    • if the product has existing custom options
      • replace the existing custom options with the values in the file.
        For example: If a SKU A has 4 custom options associated to it and the file has 2, the 2 in the file will now be associated to it instead of the 4. 
    • if the product does not have existing custom options, add the ones in the file to the product.

Custom Options Upload Template


Custom Options Multi-lingual Sample File


Custom Options Fields Details

Column Name Description Required Max Length Sample Value
part_number This is the Supplier's part number.

Use the part number that your customer would search for.
Yes 40 ABC123
custom_option_title This is the Title or Description of the option

The option title will be displayed below the heading. Clear description is advised.
Yes 40 Color
custom_option_type The Custom Option Type is one of the following: (Checkbox, Radio Button, Dropdown, Text Box) Yes N/A Dropdown
custom_option_value This is the Value of the option in the type

Option value is displayed as the option for the given type.  One option value goes in each row.
Yes 255 Red
custom_option_is_required This determines if the custom option is required (Yes=1 or No=0)

Set to No by default.
No 1 digit 1
custom_option_sku This is the SKU for each option. Additional SKU to be appended to the end of the product SKU.

Not required, but recommended. 

No  40 RD
custom_option_price This is the price of the upcharge No 2 Decimal Places 0.00
custom_option_price_type This allows you to specify if the optional price is fixed or a percent of the actual product. (Fixed=1or   Percent= 0) No N/A 1
custom_option_sort_order This is the sort order for the custom option No N/A 1
custom_option_value_sort This is the display order for the values of the custom option No N/A 3
custom_option_title_<store view code> Relevant only when catalog is being loaded into a multi-lingual environment.

This is the Title or Description of the option followed by the storeview code representing the language code

<store view> features this format: <language code>_<region code>
No 40 Terminer
custom_option_value_<store view code> Relevant only when catalog is being loaded into a multi-lingual environment.

This is the value of the option in the type followed by the storeview code which represents the language code

<store view> features this format: <language code>_<region code>
No N/A Argent

Non-keyboard characters should be avoided, such as: ®, ™, ½, “curly quotes”, etc. If a non-keyboard character is needed, the html character encoding should be used, such as  &reg; for a registration mark.

Custom Options Validation and Change Reports 

The table below provides details on the validation and change reports generated based on file status. 

Generation of reports applies to both Full and Delta uploads. 

File Status Reason (If Status is Failed) Validation Report is Created Change Report is Created 
Failed A file of the same type is being processed by the system    
Failed  File failed validation Y  
Failed File failed to be updated due to system issues Y  
Processed Successfully   Y Y

Multi-lingual Custom Options

There are two values that support product information in additional languages in the Custom Options file:

  • custom_option_title
  • custom_option_value

These language-specific columns are added at the end of the Custom Options file.
There is no limit to the number of language specific columns that can be added.

Note: An Administrator is able to change these multilingual columns directly from the Admin Control Panel at  CATALOGS > Manage Products.