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Catalog Upload - Bundles

This topic details uploads for bundled products and features a sample template.

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Additional Attributes in Catalog Files - Detailed Description
Catalog Upload - Additional Attributes


A bundle, also known as a kit, is an offering of several products for sale as one combined product. 

Bundles are uploaded leveraging the Additional Attributes upload template with the attribute type of 'kit' or 'bundle'.  The columns of the file are used in slightly different ways than what is typical with a normal Attribute file.

Products with Custom Options may be included in Bundles. 

Bundled Products Upload Template 

The Additional Attributes Upload Template is used for bundled products. 


Acceptable Attribute Types for Bundles

attribute_type  Description
kit Items that will be purchased as a bundle

Catalog Upload - Bundles

Column Name Description Required Max Length Sample Value
part_number ('sku' is also supported) Supplier's Part Number for the Parent Bundle Product

Use the part number that your customer would search for.
Yes 40 1010
attribute_type This is the Type of attribute being uploaded.

The value must be kit or bundle.
Yes  N/A bundle
options_position Value is the position of the options are listed in the bundle No N/A 1
attribute_name This is the bundle section name for a given set of products Yes N/A Monitors
attribute_value This is the Supplier Part Number for the child SKU in the bundle. Yes N/A 1010A
 position An integer specifying the  position in the display sequence of the item in the bundle.

If no value or incorrect value is provided the value defaults to 0
No N/A 1

Use keyboard characters only. If a non-keyboard character is needed, use HTML encoding for it. For example:  ® for registration mark.