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Video - How to Upload Linked Products

Linked Products are fees or products required by another product. Associating a linked product with a parent product will automatically add it to the cart with a parent product. Watch the video for a demonstration of the process of uploading linked products using the common fields file.

Linked Products 

A Linked Product is an item required to be included with a product at the time of order.

Linked Products can be uploaded using the Common Fields file so that they can be automatically added to a cart with the item requiring them. Linked products that are associated with other products on a mandatory basis can be fees or equipment for assembly, staging, recycling, or other related purpose, as specified by the buying organization, a supplier, or a regulatory agency. 

An item required to be included with a product is referred to as a Linked Product and the product requiring it is referred to as a Parent Product.

Examples of Linked Products are mandatory recycling fees associated with specific equipment; assembly or setup charges; or required warranties. These items may be uploaded or configured as Linked Products in BuyerQuest when they are simple products and are from the same supplier as the Parent Product requiring them. They are available as Linked Products for Content Groups mapped to the Catalogs the Linked Products are associated with. 

Video - How to Upload Linked Products

Linked Products are uploaded using the Common Fields file and may be uploaded in full or delta mode. 

Watch the video below for a complete discussion of linked products and a sample common fields file used for uploading them.

For a detailed description of Linked Products, see also Catalog Upload - Linked Products.

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