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12.11.0 Release Features and Functionality (November 2022)

BuyerQuest 12.11.0, released in November 2022

Automatic Reminder - Invoice Pending Payment

What's New

Invoices in Okay to Pay status can easily pile up with no action taken on them if users are not aware that they are ready for payment. In release 12.11.0 we are introducing a new Payment Reminder tool to notify requestor/OBO (On Behalf Of) users via email that there are invoices that are pending payment.

How to Configure

Configuration of Payment Notification emails are set-up by the BuyerQuest Support Team. Reach out to customer support to configure the frequency of new Invoices in Okay to Pay Status email notifications or adjust the frequency of an existing Invoices in Okay to Pay Status email notification.

Out of Stock Items Remain in Subscription

What's New

Buyers often have certain items which they purchase on a regular basis. To ease the process of repurchasing, BuyerQuest has a feature that allows Buyers to add items to a Subscription, which automatically re-orders these items according the the amount of days specified by the Buyer when setting up the Subscription. With the 12.11.0 release, BuyerQuest has enhanced this feature to prevent items from being removed from the subscription when they are Out of Stock.

Prior to the release of 12.11.0, when a product that was on a Subscription was Out of Stock it would be removed from the Subscription and would have to be manually re-added once it was it was back in stock. With this upgrade, the product will not be removed from the Subscription, it will only be excluded from the scheduled order if it is Out of Stock. Once the product is back in stock, it will be added to future orders as usual.

How to Configure

No configuration is required for this upgrade to the Subscriptions feature