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11.12.0 Release Features and Functionality (December 2021)

BuyerQuest 11.12.0, released December 31, 2021, included new and enhanced features.

Platform Module

Parallel Processing Queue Improves Processing Performance

BuyerQuest platform performance is appreciably enhanced by the implementation of a parallel processing queue for running transactions and reports online. Buying organizations benefit from the resulting increased throughput and accuracy provided by processes running in parallel mode. 

Marketplace Module

SKU and Product Name Added as Conditions for Request Approval Rules        

Buying organizations are able to route requests to approvers based on SKUs and Product Names to allow for purchase compliance on specific products.

SKU and Product Name have been added to conditions for Request Approval Rules, which behave similarly to existing Receiving and Invoice Approval Rules. The additional conditions available for these rule configurations provide greater flexibility and specificity in the governance of Request Approvals. 

Example: Additional Conditions for Request Approval Rules

BuyerQuest RequestApprovalConditions2021Nov23.png

See Documentation Topics:

Request Approval Rules Management

Billing Location Name Added as a Condition for Request Approval Rules   

Request Approvals may also be routed based on Billing Location Name at either the header or the line level.

This condition is similar to the condition used to trigger a rule based on a specific Shipping Location Name. 

Example: Billing Location Name as a Condition for Request Approval Rule    

BuyerQuest BillingLocationConditionRequestApproval2021Nov29.png

See Documentation Topics:

Request Approval Rules Management

RFQ and Quotes Summary Reports Include Optional Purchase Order Number and Subtotal 

The RFQ Summary Report and the Quotes Summary Report offer the optional fields of Related POs and PO Quote Subtotal for buying organizations needing this related information for reference and quote management.

These fields are available in an Optional Fields section in the export configurations for the reports.

Example: Optional Fields Related POs and PO Quote Subtotal for RFQ and Quotes Summary Reports

BuyerQuest RFQReportOptionalFields2021Nov29.png

See Documentation Topics:

RFQ Summary Report Export

Quotes Summary Report Export

Deliver To Field Label is Configurable 

A Marketplace configuration allows buying organizations to change the label on the Deliver To field. An organization may provide a different label for this field to guide buyers in populating the field correctly. 

When the label is changed via the system-wide configuration, the field will show the label change in My Account, Checkout pages, Documents, and Email Notifications. 

See Documentation Topics:

Marketplace Label Overrides - to specify a different label for the Deliver to field

Supplier Module - BuyerQuest Network 

Supplier User May Manage Shipping Method from the BuyerQuest Network

Supplier Users with appropriate permissions may manage shipping methods from the Profile Management area in the BuyerQuest Network. A user may specify a default shipping method and may also select all possible shipping methods from the system to be available from the Supplier Profile.

Specification of shipping methods in the Supplier Profile in the BuyerQuest Network will be saved in the backend supplier record under Shipping Methods.  

Example: Supplier May Edit Shipping Methods in Profile Management

BuyerQuest SupplierEditShippingMethod2021Dec28.png

See Documentation Topics:

User Permissions (ACL) - for Supplier permission to edit shipping methods

Profile Management - for display of editing options for Shipping Methods

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