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12.1.0 Release Features and Functionality (January 2022)

BuyerQuest 12.1.0, released January 2022, included a number of new and enhanced features.

Marketplace Module

Linked Product Added Once on a Re-order from Transferred Cart

Linked Items are added only once whenever a user re-orders from a Transferred Cart. 

As with Reorders from Requests and Purchase Orders, Reorders from Transferred Carts include Linked Items in the proper quantity so that users can be assured that extra Linked Items need not be removed during the reordering process.  

See Documentation Topics:

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Platform Module

All Document Histories to Feature Complete Dates  

All Documents and pages featuring Histories include the complete date, including year, in each History marker displayed on screen or captured in a PDF.  

Users may Add Items via the Quick Order Upload Template when Editing a Request

The Quick Order Upload Template is available for users to add items during an Edit to a Request.

Use of the csv template for an addition of a catalog item is an efficient means to add multiple lines to a Request quickly and easily.

Example: Add Catalog Items to a Request via Quick Order

BuyerQuest ERQuickOrderUpload2022Jan31.png

See Documentation Topics:

Edit a Request

Billing Location Changes Enabled on Purchase Orders 

Users may update the Billing Location during a change to a Purchase Order at the Header Level, which eliminates the need for the user to edit a Request to change the Billing Location. 

The system also locks Item Type, Shipping, Billing, Currency, and Supplier information on Requests that have had Purchase Orders generated for them. Locking this information eliminates situations where a line item needs to move to a different or new Purchase Order due to split parameters.

Shipping and Billing be displayed based at the level they were saved and will not be transferred from Line to Header level automatically when the data for Shipping, Need by, Deliver To, Shipping Method and Billing is the same for all Line Items.

The Supplier Import also includes an optional Billing Address field that is available to be configured as an editable field for Purchase Order changes. 


Items Not Received Report Filter Uses Receiving Rules

The Items Not Received Report is enhanced with an optional filter "Include Items that Require Receiving Only" that returns only Purchase Orders and lines featuring items that triggered Manual Receiving Rules and are not yet fully received. 

Example: Filter for Items Not Yet Received Report

BuyerQuest ItemsNotReceivedReportFilter2021Dec2.png

See Documentation Topics:

Standard Reports on Requests, Purchase Orders, Receipts and Locations

RFQs and Quotes

Save RFQ to PDF

The Save to PDF Option is available from the RFQ Details page for users to retain a PDF copy of the Request for Quote for reference outside of the BuyerQuest platform. 

Example: Save as PDF Option for RFQ

BuyerQuest PDFRFQ2022Jan31.png

See Documentation Topics:    

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Suppliers May Edit Quote before Acceptance

Suppliers granted the permission to Edit Quotes may edit a Supplier-initiated or RFQ Quote before the Quote has been accepted or rejected. The option to edit an active Quote is available on Quotes Details pages accessible from the Submitted Quotes Grid or RFQ Grid.

Editable fields in the General Information or Quote Information sections include Supplier Contact Details and Description.

 Items and Services may also be added to a Quote, and Attachments may be added.

Example: Edit Quote 

BuyerQuest EditQuote2021Dec22.png

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User Permissions (ACL)

RFQ and Quotes