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12.1.0 Bug Fixes (January 2022)

BuyerQuest 12.1.0, released February 3, 2021, included a bug fix.

Hot Fix 12.1.3 (March 9, 2022)

CS-7689  Shipping Displays on Line Level for  Request and Purchase Order after Shipping Location is Changed in a Related Purchase Order

CS-7686  New Purchase Order Version is generated after Shipping Location is Changed

CS-7680 Invoice Details Report Generates Successfully

CS-7668 Change to a Purchase Order is Successfully Submitted 

CS-7664  Sku is Sent in Purchase Order cXML

CS-7662  Products are Added from Assigned Carts

CS-7661 Shipping Remains at Header Level when no Changes are Made to Shipping during Change Order

CS-7660 New Purchase Order Version is Generated when External Changes are Made

CS-7656 Special Characters Accepted in Shipping Location Search

CS-7650 Edit Page for Web Form Displays without Error 

CS-7647 Performance Improvement after Query is Changed

CS-7645 Imported cXML Purchase Order Includes Correct Shipping Data 

CS-7590 Changing Billing from Header to Line Level in during  Purchase Order Change  Displays Correct Highlights and Change Summary

CS-7588 Need By and Deliver To are Included in Line Shipping of PO after Shipping Level is Changed to Line

CS-7546 Amazon Products May be Added to Cart

Hot Fix 12.1.2 (February 25, 2022)

CS-7640 Data Retrieval is Successful after Table Reindexing Concludes

CS-7634 Custom Accounting Report for Client

CS-7632 Accounting Values Import is Successful

CS-7631 Search Results Returned as Expected from Search over Web Forms

CS-7622 Appropriate Shipping Method is Displayed at Header Level on Checkout Review Page

CS-7616 Status Change to Ordered after Purchase Order Update from Admin Control Panel

CS-7615 Shipping Address is Displayed on Review of Change Purchase Order 

CS-7569 Invoice Approval is Limited to Members of Designated Group 

Hot Fix 12.1.1 (February 15, 2022)

CS-7611 Shipping/Payment Methods display on Header and Line Levels in Request PDF and Email Notification

CS-7602 Invoice is Created in OK2Pay Status when it has a Receipt Created for the Full PO Amount

CS-7598  Shipping and Payment Methods Display at Header Level in Checkout/Request when they are the Same at Line Level

CS-7592 Billing Changes Made on Purchase Order are Reflected in Change Summary and Email Notifications

CS-7591 Billing Changes Made on Purchase Order are Highlighted in Yellow as Changed on New Version of Request and Purchase Order 

CS-7587 New Purchase Order Version is Generated when Need by/Deliver to are Changed and Shipping Remains at Line Level as Originally Specified

CS-7583 When Billing is Changed from Line to Header in Change Order, Billing is Highlighted as Changed in New PO Version and Change is Reflected in Change Summary

CS-7582 Shipping/Billing Change from Header to Line Level in Edit Request is Reflected Correctly in Request History

CS-7581 Shipping/Billing Location Changed from Old Location to New Location in History Record

CS-7579 Appropriate Payment Method and Shipping and Billing are Displayed on Request Details 

CS-7514 Click on Approve from the Invoice Approval Email Displays Invoice on Front End for Review and Approval 

Bug Fixes (January 31, 2022)

BQEP-25603 All Suppliers are Displayed in Supplier Filters for Global Catalogs