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12.10.0 Bug Fixes (October 2022)

BuyerQuest 12.10.0, released October 2022

12.10.0 Bug Fixes (October 2022)

Hot Fix 12.10.3 (December 22, 2022)

  • CS-8317 - Client reported that they were experiencing site slowness when navigating through the pages, especially when clicking on a category or using the search bar. The system was very slow and then returned no results.

    The following solution has been applied:

    • Multi-word search is split into individual search terms instead of one search term. (e.g. “test search“ should be split only into 2 search words “test“ and “search“)

    • A new configuration is added to limit how many words the System will use from search query to build search combinations.

      1. Added the configuration Search words limitation text input field to Manage System Configurations ⟩ System Management ⟩ SOLR Bridge below Relevancy

      2. Default value is 10

      3. Field can accept integer values >= 0

      4. Setting value = 0 means no search limitation

    • The System will use this new configuration to take only first N (specified number in Search words limitation) words from the search query and use them for search

    • Added hard limitation for word combination search to 200 combinations to prevent Solr degradation

      • Found in: Frontend > Product Search

      • Affects Client Type: All

  • CS-8321 - Search within the Invoice grid was taking over 45 seconds. Database queries have been updated to speed up the search in Invoice grids

    • Found in: Frontend > Payables > Invoices > Search in the grid

    • Affects Client Type: P2P

Hot Fix 12.10.1 (November 29, 2022)

  • CS-8240 - On the checkout page accounting validation may not function properly in the event an accounting group is filtered on a GL account resulting in : “Invalid or incomplete accounting” error incorrectly being displayed. Validations for Account Groups have been adjusted to fix this issue.
    • Found in: Front-end>Checkout
    • Affects eProc, P2P clients
  • CS-8237 - When a Quick Order file is uploaded containing duplications of a SKU a warning of the duplication will be displayed. An error was found causing a warning to populate for each duplicated line item resulting in a large list of warnings. The issue has been fixed and will now display a single warning for each duplicated SKU.
    • Found in: Front-end>Quick Order
    • Affects All client types
  • CS-8241 - Webforms grid and Invoice Transfer Log grid in admin panel could timeout when attempting to filter grids. MySQL indexes added to improve performance of Webform Results grid and Invoice Transfer Log grid.

    • Found in Admin Panel>Manage Webforms & Invoice Transfer Log

    • Affects ALL client types (webforms) & P2P clients (invoice transfer log)

  • CS-8242 - On manage locations and accounting page users with View All System Locations ACL could not access the option to update Default Shipping if they did not have Add New Ad-hoc Locations ACL. This issue has been fixed allowing users with View All System Locations ACL to update Default Shipping even if they do not also have Add New Ad-hoc Locations ACL.

    • Found in Front-end>Locations and Accounting

    • Affects eProc, P2P client types

  • CS-8238 - In admin panel the Invoice Reconciliation Required Reminder Notifications email schedule was not taking into account last notification date resulting in daily emails instead of based on number of days configured. This issue was fixed by updating the code to trigger the system to update the Last Notification Date field for reconciliation exception approver.

    • Found in Admin Panel>System Administration>Settings and Configuration>Manage System Configurations>Global>Email Management>Notification Reminder Management

    • Affects P2P clients

Hot Fix 12.10.2 (December 21, 2022)

  • CS-8304 - An issue was found where POs containing special characters were being blocked from being imported into client’s ERP system. Logic has been added to remove these special characters. POs containing special characters will now import into the clients system successfully.

    • Found in ERP PO transfer

    • Affects P2P/eProc clients