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12.2.0 Release Features and Functionality (February 2022)

BuyerQuest 12.2.0, released March 2, 2022, included enhanced features.

Platform Module

Valid Accounting Combinations Delta Import 

The Valid Accounting Combinations Import offers a delta upload option for buying organizations to add new valid accounting combinations in batches. 

As with all delta options for file uploads, existing combinations that were imported previously remain unchanged. 

The delta option provides efficiencies in the management and maintenance of Valid Accounting Combinations. 

Example: Delta Option for Valid Accounting Combinations Import

BuyerQuest DeltaValidAccounting CombinationsImport2022Feb14.png

See Documentation Topics:

Valid Accounting Combinations Import

RFQs and Quotes

Supplier may Specify the Item Type (Product or Service) in a Quote

Suppliers may specify the Item Type for non-catalog items when editing existing Quotes or submitting non-RFQ Quotes.

This option is available on the Quote screen and is also accommodated in a Supplier upload of a CSV file.

The Item Type is retained and listed in all related documents.

Example: Item Type may be Specified in a Quote

BuyerQuest ItemTypeQuote2022Feb02.png

See Documentation Topics:

RFQ and Quotes


Invoices to Display Remaining Balances at Line Level 

Buying organizations and their Suppliers will benefit from the ability to review remaining invoice balances at the line level when they create an Invoice from a Purchase Order.  Quantity and Unit Price are automatically adjusted based on the remaining invoice balance. 

The Purchase Order grid features a new Uninvoiced Amount column.

Example: Purchase Order Grid - Uninvoiced Amount

BuyerQuest PurchaseOrderUninvoiced2022Jan31.png

See Documentation Topics:

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