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12.3.0 Release Features and Functionality (March 2022)

BuyerQuest 12.3.0, released in March 2022, included two new features.

Platform Module

Support for cXML Receipt Import against BuyerQuest Purchase Orders  

The BuyerQuest Platform offers buying organizations a choice in the method in the creation of Receipts for non-imported BuyerQuest Purchase Orders - via the front end or via a cXML Receipt Import. This choice provides flexibility in receiving processes.

Receipts Configuration to Allow Receipts to be Created for Imported and BuyerQuest Purchase Orders 

BuyerQuest ReceiptsConfig2022Feb22.png

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Receiving Rules Management

User Permissions (ACL) 

OK to Pay Export May be Filtered by Supplier 

Buying organizations have the option to run OK to Pay Exports filtered by Supplier. The filter option enables OK to Pay exports by Supplier to support different practices in tax accrual handling and other Supplier-specific Accounts Payable workflows. 

Supplier Filtering for OK to Pay Export 

BuyerQuest OktoPayExport2022Feb22.png

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