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12.6.0 Release Features and Functionality (June 2022)

BuyerQuest 12.6.0, released in June 2022, included three new features.

Additional Accounting Column in Request and Invoice Approval Lookup Tables 

BuyerQuest platform will support the ability to specify Request and Invoice Approvers in rule lookups based on two accounting segments. 

Two new columns will be added to the lookup rule importer for the Accounting Entity Type. The new columns allow two Accounting Groups to determine the approver for a given rule. 

Example: Additional Columns in Request Approval Lookup Table 

Supplier Search to Include Supplier ID and Name on Create Invoice Page  

Invoice Creation will allow both the Supplier ID and Supplier Name to be searched in the Supplier Field on the Create Invoice page. The inclusion of both in search allows for a broader search scope in the identification of Suppliers for Invoice creation. 

Invoice documents will show the Supplier ID in a new Supplier ID field. 

Accounting Segment Values may be Specified by Supplier on Non-catalog Quotes 

The Display and Edit on Quote field will be added to Manage Accounting Groups, where an Accounting Group may be configured to be displayed or not during Quote creation or editing. Also, this Accounting Group can be set as a required or not.
The Accounting Groups specified as available during creation and editing of the Quote will be displayed for each non-catalog item and Suppliers will be able to select values.

Example: Accounting Groups Specified for Display and Edit on Quote 

Default Accounting Groups Based on Product

It is now possible to configure products to automatically set accounting group segment(s) overriding users default accounting. This can be used when products are known to always belong to specific groups so user does not need to manually change them.

Product Default Accounting Group Importer and Exporter

A new “Product Default Accounting” importer has been added to make the configuration of a large number of default accounting that are based on product easier. A new master data export “Product Default Accounting” export will allow for an easy way to see of all products configured with default accounting and make adjustments if products were manually configured or added over time.