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12.7.0 Bug Fixes (July 2022)

BuyerQuest 12.7.0, released July 2022

12.7.0 Bug Fixes (July 2022)

Hot Fix (August 3, 2022)

  • CS-8021- Fixed issue with applying new billing addresses during change order in the event that the original request had header level billing (one billing address). Resulting change orders will have the new billing addresses displayed correctly at the line level
  • CS-8025 - Error fixed allowing suppliers to select from any active GL Accounting during quote creation


Hot Fix (August 9, 2022)

  • CS-7994 - A new notification feature has been added which will send an alert to the requestor and/or OBO user of a document once an external comment is added to a document by external user
  • CS-8037 - Fixed issue that caused an error message to be displayed when a user that does not have permissions to Split Account, makes accounting changes at check out
  • CS-7919 - Update on verbiage in Payment Records from “Payment Date” to “Supplier Payment Date”