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8.3.0 Bug Fixes (March 2018)

BuyerQuest 8.3.0 was released March 30, 2018 and included bug fixes. Hot fixes in subsequent 8.3.X releases are also listed here.

8.3.5 Hot Fix (April 20, 2018)

CS-4894  Successful Export of at Least 25K Records

CS-4899  Export Runs Without 504 Error

CS-4911 Master Supplier Purchase Order Export Runs Based on Scheduler 

CS-4923 Common Fields Catalog Uploads from S3 are Processed Successfully

CS-4921 Downloads from BuyerQuest Complete without Error

CS-4935 Validation Report Downloads Successfully from Link in Email Notification

8.3.4 Hot Fix (April 17, 2018)

CS-4927  Purchase Order Generated from Request as Expected with no Duplication

8.3.3 Hot Fix (April 13, 2018)

CS-4884  Login Allowed with Adjustments to SSO Settings

CS-4912 Adjustments to Options in SSO Module for Logout

8.3.2 Hot Fix (April 6, 2018)

CS-4890 HTTP Response Accepted from Supplier on Transmission of Purchase Orders

CS-4880 Project Code and Cost Center Accounting Values are Populated in Purchase Order Lines Export File for Non-catalog Purchase Order

CS-4898 Total Included Correctly on cXML Invoice Creation

CS-4897 Increase of Cache Lifetime for Budget Accounting Values

8.3.1 Hot Fix (April 3, 2018) 

CS-4892 Requests Create Purchase Orders without Error

CS-4883 Currency Code is Correct and Matches Base Currency in Cart Transfer

8.3.0 Bug Fixes (March 30, 2018) 

BQEP-16512   External ID for Ad Hoc Locations is Serialized 

BQEP-16690   Supplier Punchout: SupplierPartAuxiliaryID from the POOM is Returned on the Purchase Order

BQEP-16689   (CS-4875) Transaction Invoice Report Runs without Errors

BQEP-16666   (CS-4775) Performance Improvement for Admin Loading Supplier Users Grid

BQEP-16661   Validation Report Link in Email Notification Provides Link to Validation Report as Expected 

BQEP-16640   Invoice Created by Supplier User is Sent to Requester

BQEP-16628   (CS-4886) Latest Requests Appear in Document Search

BQEP-16627   PDF Versions of Request and Purchase Order Display Short Description in Item Information Section

BQEP-16568   (CS-4850) SKU Containing Dash Searchable in Admin Panel/Manage Product Tags

BQEP-16554   (CS-4837) Products with Multiple Custom Options (Uploaded via Catalog Upload) are Added to Cart as Single Line Items According to Configuration

BQEP-16509   Approval Limit with Value “.01” can be Saved when Set in MY ACCOUNT/Manage Users

BQEP-16508   Search for Product by SKU in Admin Panel/Manage Products Returns Valid Results

BQEP-16502   Search in Admin Panel/Manage Products Grid Returns Valid Results

BQEP-16501   Request Moves to Pending Status with Approver Added According to Request Look Up Approval Rule

BQEP-16500   (CS-4813) Performance Improved for Filtering on Invoices in Admin Panel

BQEP-16493   Email Notification - "Invoice Requires Reconciliation" Sent to all Reconcilers when Status Reaches Reconciliation Needed Status

BQEP-16365   WYSIWYG "Insert Image" File Manager Allows Images to be Added as Expected