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BuyerQuest's Product Roadmap Planning

BuyerQuest's Product Roadmap planning balances client needs with internal factors determining product strategy.

Who Plans The Roadmap?

BuyerQuest’s Product Management team determines the direction that the application takes each year when it comes to new features, enhancements, and underlying technology upgrades. 

The team considers external factors such as market drivers, customer input, and technology trends when deciding what to build. These are weighed against internal factors that may affect the feasibility of building such features: business case and priority, existing product roadmap, BuyerQuest’s long-term strategy, available resources, and ROI. All of these factors are weighed carefully as we prioritize requests and plan releases throughout each year.

BuyerQuest RoadMapFeatureFactors2020Jul14.png


How Are Features Released?

BuyerQuest thinks about releases in two modes: monthly feature releases and ad hoc service packs.

Monthly releases move through approximately three months of planning, building, and testing features before being released at the end of the month. These monthly releases also contain bug fixes for our entire application.

Service Pack releases contain only bug-fixes and are released periodically to our clients as soon as the fixes are ready. 

Both releases require little or no change management at the client-side.

BuyerQuest ReleaseCadence2020Jul14.png

How Can Clients Get More Involved?

If you have an idea for a new feature or enhancement, our support portal on ZenDesk is the best channel to propose your idea. Our Account Management team regularly tracks the status of enhancement requests (ERs) and will provide updates to clients. All ERs are reviewed periodically by the Product Management team.

  • Clients are encouraged to prioritize their submitted ERs prior to the Product Team review.

  • Besides understanding the ER itself, the Product Team is very interested in understanding the business value and/or problem being investigated.

  • If an ER has been accepted into the roadmap, it will be assigned the “Planned” status.

  • ERs in “Planned” status will be delivered as part of the roadmap, typically within 12 months.

  • If an ER has been “Deferred,” it may be re-evaluated in a future review cycle.

  • Repeatedly “Deferred” ERs may be removed from roadmap consideration.

BuyerQuest FeatureRequestProcess2020Jul14.png