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BuyerQuest Announcement - Release Update

April 2022 Announcement: Release Update

We have some exciting news! 

BuyerQuest would like to announce our team’s transition to agile software development. There are several best practices of the agile development process that have proven over time to allow enterprises to deliver higher quality products.  The move to agile is expected to benefit our valued customers in several ways and we would like to share a few of those with you. 

  • Dedicated Team: The agile team will have dedicated engineers, product owners and testing engineers that work together for the duration of the development cycle. This allows for the entire team to be involved from start to finish working through requirements, design, development, and delivery. Team emersion allows for members to gain understanding and alignment of the requirements much faster. 

  • Two-week development cycles: The team will work in two-week development cycles that will result in iterative pieces of functional code being delivered allowing for increased visibility of the expected requirements. If there are gaps, the team receives immediate feedback allowing for quick adjustments.    

  • Communication Benefits: The dedicated team meets daily to discuss progress, issues, and next steps.  With daily meetings (Stand Ups) the team stays in sync with each other, and the organization has real time transparency around issues that might arise. Issues or blockers are immediately visible and are resolved much faster.  

  • Commitment to Quality: In addition to the benefits listed above, we are also modifying our Hot Fix process to strictly focus on resolving issues that have urgent or critical impact to our customer’s operations.  All non-critical issues will be considered for weekly or monthly releases, to allow us to deliver greater business value with each release. As part of our commitment to quality, we will be increasing our testing coverage across all processes: Hot fixes, weekly releases, as well as monthly releases.  

To effectively make this change, we will be adjusting our release schedule with a pause on monthly releases for the next few months.  Our next monthly release will be on June 11, 2022.  We will continue to monitor the progress and effectiveness of this change and will continuously adjust to make improvements as needed. Be sure to visit our “Coming Soon” section under “Release Notes” for previews of all upcoming releases for the remainder of 2022.