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11.1.0 Release Features and Functionality (January 2021)

BuyerQuest 11.1.0, released February 2, 2021, included a number of new and enhanced features.

Marketplace Module 

Reports Support Greater Visibility into Ordering and Procurement Workflow 

Two reports available from the Main Menu enable greater efficiencies in the procurement workflow.  The Previously Ordered Items Report lists the items ordered by a Requestor within a specified date range. Fields included in the report are: Ordered Date, SKU, Name, Quantity, Unit of Measure, Supplier, Requestor, Shipping Location, and Price. The report may be exported to Excel.

The Un-invoiced Purchase Order Report is available to Supplier users and can be run with a specified date range filter. The report returns a list of all the Supplier's Purchase Orders having no invoices created against them in the system. Fields included in this report are: PO #, Ordered by, Ordered Date, Status, and PO Total.

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Platform Module 

Auto Close Purchase Orders Based on Inactivity or Invoice Tolerance  

BuyerQuest offers an additional tool in AP automation with the functionality to auto close purchase orders. Parameters available for configuration are inactivity or invoice tolerance specified as a percentage. Purchase Order auto closure applies only to Purchase Orders created within the BuyerQuest system. 

Invoice Details and Email notifications and resultant actions are the same as for manually closed purchase orders. 

Video: Auto Close Purchase Order 

The details of Purchase Order auto closure are shown in the video below.

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User Permission to View Global Documents, Including RFQs 

User Permissions are added to allow only viewing of global documents, including RFQs, separate from permission to act upon them. This enables visibility into document details and status for users who need to reference, rather than act upon, any given document. 

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Import and Export of Related Items  

Import and Export of Related Items are enabled in the Data Loads area of the Admin Control Panel for efficient management of products referenced. Both delta and full imports are available, similar to the Exact Matched Products import. 

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Request Approval Re-Trigger Condition Added: When OBO User is Updated 

Request Approval Rules offer an additional condition for rule retriggering: change to the On Behalf of User  to account for the new user associated with the Request. 

Example: Configuration for Retriggering Request Approval Rules 

BuyerQuest OBORetriggerApproval2020Dec15.png

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Supplier Condition Added to Receiving Rules 

The BuyerQuest platform accommodates the condition 'Supplier' in Receiving Rules for buying organizations having a need to include or exclude supplier items from Receiving Rules. 

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Payables Module 

Supplier's Default Currency May be Selected During Creation of Non PO-based Invoices 

When a Supplier's preferred currency is different from the default currency of a user creating a non PO-based Invoice, the BuyerQuest platform allows the Supplier's preferred currency to be selected when the user creates the Invoice.

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Commodity Group Included in the OK2Pay Export 

Buying organizations benefit from the inclusion of the Commodity Group value in the OK2Pay Export. This information provides greater visibility into purchasing trends and ia available for tax and spend management purposes. 

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Pending Payables Export Report Enables Procurement Efficiencies 

The Pending Payables Export lists Invoices and Credit Memos in Reconciliation Needed or Pending Approval Status to provide insights into possible inefficiencies in the procurement workflow. The visibility provided by the report enables more effective management and action to speed the resolution of procurement transactions.

The Pending Payables Export is similar to the Transactional Payables Report, and includes a Supplier selection field to target pending payables from specific Suppliers.  

Example: Pending Payables Export 

BuyerQuest PayablesPending2020Dec22.png

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Email Notification to Requestor when Invoice Status is OK2Pay  

Configurations allow for notification emails to be sent to Requestors when an Invoice is ready to be paid. Requestors will receive an email notification whenever the status of any Invoice, except those created via csv, reaches OK2Pay status.

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Invoice Import Template Accommodates Accounting Groups  

The Invoice Import Template, available as a Data Load, accommodates mappings for Accounting Groups and values at the line level, to enable efficient import of this key information into the BuyerQuest system.

Example: Accounting Groups for Invoice Import Template Mappings 

BuyerQuest InvoiceImportFieldMapping2020Dec22.png

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PO-Based Invoice Condition Added at Line Level for Invoice Reconciliation Rules 

Invoice Reconciliation Rule Conditions are expanded to include the line-level condition of PO-Based Invoice to enable different rule sets for PO-based versus non PO-based Invoices. 

Example: Invoice Reconciliation Rule Line-level Conditions     

BuyerQuest InvoiceReconciliationReevaluation2020Nov29.png

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Administrators May Bulk Update Credit Memo Status  

Administrators have the ability to bulk update the status of Credit Memos from the Credit Memo Grid in the Admin Control Panel. The Update Status action on multiple Credit Memos from the Grid provides an easy and efficient means to correct Credit Memos that may not comply with a buying organization's business policies. 

Example: Update Status in Credit Memo Grid  

BuyerQuest CreditMemoUpdateStatus2020Dec22.png

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Business Intelligence Module 

Exports for RFQs and Quotes to GoodData for Business Intelligence Reporting 

The GoodData Business Intelligence Reporting is expanded to include a data model and export module for RFQs and Quotes. Buying organizations may have this key data available in the analytics and visualizations in this application for strategic planning purposes. 

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