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11.2.0 Release Features and Functionality (February 2021)

BuyerQuest 11.2.0, released February 26, 2021, included a number of enhanced features.

Platform Module

Permission to View Global Documents

A Global Document Viewing permission enables users to view documents only, while not allowing actions to be taken on them.

Viewing permission promotes information transparency and allows research and reference without extending a permission for action.   

Global View Permission is available for the following documents:

Assigned Carts                       Receipts
Transferred Carts                    Invoices
Requests                                Credit Memos
RFQ and Quotes                    Contracts
Purchase Orders                    ASNs 

Please Note: 

The following are required to be performed for the Global Document View Permissions to properly take effect. 

  1. The Entity Search Index should be reindexed after Global Document View Permission has been enabled. 
  2. Any internal users whose permissions have changed with regard to Global Document View or Search should log out and log back in after the permission changes are made. 
Sample Global View Permissions in User Permissions

BuyerQuest GlobalViewDocumentPermission2021Feb26.png

See Documentation Topics:

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Global Document View and Search Permissions and Actions 

Requestor Information Added to the Purchase Order Export

The Requestor's External ID, Login ID, OBO's External ID, and Login ID fields have been added to the Purchase Order CSV Export in the Data Loads area of the Admin Control Panel to provide complete information for reference and management of imported Purchase Orders.

Example: File Layout for Purchase Order Export - RequestorID

BuyerQuest POExportRequestorID2021Feb26.png

See Documentation Topics:

Purchase Order CSV Export

Payables Module

BQPay Companies Import and Export

Buying organizations using the BQPay module benefit from the ability to import and export BQPay Companies rather than manually add each one separately.  

The BQPay Companies Import and Export are available in the Admin Control Panel under DATA LOADS > File-based Integrations

Example: BQPay Companies Import Configuration

BuyerQuest BQPayCompanyImport2021Feb26.png

See Documentation Topics:

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