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11.3.0 Release Features and Functionality (March 2021)

BuyerQuest 11.3.0, released March 31, 2021, included a number of new and enhanced features, including payment via credit card.

Marketplace Module

Ordering for Multiple Locations

Buyers have the ability to order items for multiple locations in a single Request. The Checkout functionality offers the Multi-location Order page where the buyer specifies quantity, delivery details, and notes for each location.

Buyers may either mass update details for all the Preferred Locations or provide individual specifications by location for quantity, date, and other information. The functionality thus provides efficiencies in batching orders for multiple locations in a single Request while offering flexibility in specifying order details. 

Example: Checkout Page Specifying Item Order for Multiple Locations


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Manage and View

Requests Grid and Details

Catalog Upload - Linked Products

Credit Cards Managed in MY ACCOUNT

 With the introduction of invoice payment by credit card, BuyerQuest offers the Manage Credit Cards functionality in MY ACCOUNT,  allowing properly permissioned users to view, add, edit, and remove Credit Cards used to pay selected Invoices. The functionality includes revalidation of Credit Card information when a card is added or changed. 

Example: Manage Credit Cards in MY ACCOUNT

BuyerQuest ManageCreditCards2021Mar29.png

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User Permissions (ACL)

Platform Module

Multi-supplier Bundle Products Import Provides Efficiency

Buying organizations needing to offer bundles comprised of a large number of products and/or products from multiple suppliers are able to leverage a multi-supplier bundle import available in the admin control panel. The Bundle Products Import functionality eliminates manual configuration of bundles and is easy to configure and use as a file-based integration. 

Example: Bundle Products Import

BuyerQuest BundleProductsImport2021Mar29.png

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Multi-supplier Bundle Import

User Import Includes Additional Content Groups and Additional Shipping and Billing Locations

An expansion of the BuyerQuest User Import allows for assignment of additional Content Groups, along with default shipping and billing locations associated with the additional Content Groups. Buying organizations leveraging Content Groups benefit from this more efficient means of bulk assignment through import rather than manual selection for users and Content Groups in the Admin Control Panel.  

The User Import has been updated with fields for additional content groups, additional default shipping, additional default billing, and preferred locations. 

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Default Shipping and Billing Locations by Content Group 

Users will be able to select the default Shipping and Billing Locations for additional Content Groups they are members of, separate from their Preferred Locations. 

The assignment of default Shipping and Billing Locations for the primary Content Group assigned via the Admin Control Panel or imported via the User Import will remain the same. 

Supplier Import Includes Payment Method

The Supplier Import supports the assignment of Payment Method in the Supplier record, providing an additional means for configuring this key supplier information. Possible values are BQPay, BQPay and CC, and CC

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Payables Module

Invoice Payment via Credit Card

BuyerQuest introduces invoice payment via credit card, enabling the entry of Credit Card details on invoices for retrieval by Suppliers for payment processing. A number of configurations support use of Credit Cards, including a Credit Card option as a Supplier Payment Method and a option to Pay by Credit Card in the Main Menu. 

A Review Payment page allows the user to select Credit Card details and view the payment summary. 

Request Number May be Included in Payables Export Files

Buying organizations benefit from the ability to include of Request number and Alternative Source ID in the OK2Pay, Invoice, and Credit Memo Export files. This additional information can be included for reference and use in reports, analytics, and additional applications. 

Example: Include Request Number in File Layout for Payables Exports 

BuyerQuest PayablesExportFileRequest#2021Mar29.png

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