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11.4.0 Release Features and Functionality (April 2021)

BuyerQuest 11.4.0, released April 30, 2021, provides new and enhanced features.

Marketplace Module 

Suppliers May Add Available by Quote Items via Catalog Option 

Suppliers may search and add items to Quotes that are designated as Available by Quote Only via the Catalog option instead of through the non-catalog route. Users are also able to add these items to carts.

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RFQ and Quotes 

Manage and View

Accounting Split Allocation Accommodates Two-decimal Precision 

BuyerQuest enhances precision and accuracy in Accounting splits with support for two-decimal precision wherever accounting may be viewed or split. 

Locations where accounting allocations is displayed or split include My Account, Manage Users, Checkout and Checkout Review pages, and Documents pages. 

Two-decimal precision is also supported and validated in accounting distributions received in incoming and outgoing cXML or CSV for Requests, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos and reports and logs for Purchase Orders and Payables. 

Catalog Code Length to Increase to 255 Alpha-numeric Characters 

The allowable Catalog Code has been increased to 255 alpha-numeric characters, benefiting buying organizations needing to match Catalog Codes codes with other system identifiers. Validation has likewise been adjusted for this increased length and character type. 

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Platform Module 

On-demand Master Data Files Auto Import 

BuyerQuest supports on-demand automatic Master Data Imports for clients dropping files on S3 to allow these imports to run without a schedule and without requiring log in to the Admin Control Panel. The functionality is similar to that used when common catalogs are loaded automatically from S3 staging.  

Buying organizations may request implementation assistance to set up on-demand Master Data Imports. 

 After setup the following imports may be run on-demand:

Creating Dataloads


BQPay Companies 


Category Tree

Chart of Accounts 

Commodity Group and G/L Accounts

Conditionally Required Accounting Values

Content Groups

Content Group to Catalog Mappings

Credit Memo Approval Lookup Rules

Credit Memo Reconciliation Lookup Rules

Exact Matched Products

Invoice Reconciliation/Approval Lookup Rules 


Multi-supplier Bundles

Payment Terms

Preferred Products

Product Tags


Related Products

Request Approval Lookup Rules


Supplier Locations 

Supplier User

UNSPSC-Category Mapping


Valid Accounting Combinations

Location-based Purchase Order and Invoice Details Reports  

Documents included in Purchase Order and Invoice Details Reports are filterable by Location to benefit buying organizations who need to share information on the basis of location.  

Example: Purchase Order Details Report Filterable by Location 

BuyerQuest ReportFilterLocation2021Mar29.png

See Documentation Topics:

Standard Reports on Requests, Purchase Orders, and Receipts

Supplier Exports Include Status Column  

The Supplier Status column has been added to the Supplier Export to support use of this data in reporting and audit processes.  

Exports that include the Supplier Status column include List of Locations for all Suppliers, List of Users for all Suppliers, and List of Company Profile Information for all Suppliers. 

Example: Supplier Export Includes Status Column 

BuyerQuest SupplierStatusColumn2021Mar26.png

See Documentation Topics:

Supplier Exports

Transaction Exports Expanded to Accommodate Additional Attributes 

Transaction Exports accommodate the inclusion of select optional columns to aid buying organizations in using export data in other applications and processes. Reports that may be enriched with optional data are the Transaction Payables Export, Transaction Invoice Report, and Transaction Purchase Order Report.

Example: Optional Fields May be Added to Transaction Reports 

BuyerQuest OptionalFieldTransactionReport2021Mar15.png

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Internal User Import - Contact Email is Optional 

The User Contact Email field in the User Import has been made optional to provide flexibility and accommodation to buying organizations not able to provide this information. 

See Documentation Topics:

Users Import

Payables Module 

Auto Clear Credit Memo Reconciliation Exceptions 

The BuyerQuest system enables a configuration to auto clear Credit Memo Reconciliation exceptions when a triggering event occurs.

Examples of conditions that may be configured to trigger auto clearance are Purchase Order update, Credit Memo moving to Denied Status, or Receipt creation. 

Email notifications alert users to an exception being auto cleared, and the Credit Memo History will reflect the auto clearance. 

Invoice Details Report Includes Supplier Invoice Number and Invoice Status 

The Invoice Details Reports features Supplier Invoice Number and Invoice Status columns to satisfy reporting needs of buying organizations.

Example: Invoice Details Report Includes Supplier Invoice # and Status Columns 

BuyerQuest InvoiceDetailsReport2021Mar29.png

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Purchase Order and Invoice Reports for Suppliers

Ascendant Payment Partner Available with BQPay 

 The BQPay module has added Ascendant as an additional payment provider choice, affording greater flexibility in payment provider integration. 

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