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11.5.0 Release Features and Functionality (May 2021)

BuyerQuest 11.5.0, released May 31, 2021, includes a number of new and enhanced features.

Marketplace Module

Contracts May be Bulk Imported 

Buying organizations benefit from the ability to bulk import and export contracts into the BuyerQuest system for storage and reference.  Contract Import and Export enablement provide additional functionality to complement currently available contract capabilities in the BuyerQuest platform.

The Contract Import and Export leverage the existing efficiencies provided by Data Loads in the Admin Control Panel or may be triggered on demand from a file system location.   Properly permissioned users will also be able to view and reference imported contracts. 

Example: Contracts Import from the Admin Control Panel 

BuyerQuest ImportContracts2021May27.png

See Documentation Topics:

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Contracts Import

Contracts Export

Contracts Grid - View, Search, and Manage Contracts

UNSPSC May be Included for Non-catalog Items Added to Request or Purchase Order 

UNSPSC is available as an optional field when a non-catalog item is added during a Change to a Request or Purchase Order.

The ability to specify UNSPSC for non-catalog items provides additional key information for reference and analysis. 

UNSPSC Field Available When Non-catalog Item Added to Request

BuyerQuest UNSPSCAddRequest2021Apr29.png


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Change, Cancel, or Close a Purchase Order

Platform Module

Request Title Included in cXML Purchase Order Sent to Supplier

Request Title is included in cXML Purchase Orders for buying organizations needing to have this information available for reference.

The Request Title is included as an extrinsic in the cXML file and is also be displayed in the cXML Purchase Order Transfer Log. 

Example: Request Title Included in cXML Purchase Order

BuyerQuest RequestTitlecXMLPO2021Apr29.png

See Documentation Topics:

Purchase Order Outbound to Suppliers - cXML Specification 

Integration Logs

Configuration Added to Allow Quantity Updates to Quote Items During Purchase Order Change

A configuration in the Supplier record enables users to change quote item quantities during changes to Purchase Orders.  Quote Qty is an available choice to select as an editable field during a change to a Purchase Order.

This additional field provides a straightforward approach for buying organizations needing to change quantities of quote items. 

Example: Quote Qty Editable Field in Supplier Record 

BuyerQuest QuoteQuantityChange2021Apr23.png

See Documentation Topics:

Manage Supplier Information

Supplier Import

Change, Cancel, or Close a Purchase Order

Billing Location Mapping Added to SSO Configuration

An additional entry in the SSO Configuration enables mapping of the Default Billing Location of the attribute value from the SAML assertion to the user record. The mapping allows buying organizations to use the value in the assignment of the user's Default Billing Location. 

Example: SAML SSO General Claim Mappings - Default Billing Location

BuyerQuest SSODefaultBIlling2021Apr29.png

See Documentation Topics:

Configure SAML Single Sign On (SSO)

Payables Module

Support for Shipping, Handling, and Canadian Taxes on Invoices and Credit Memos

The BuyerQuest platform supports shipping taxes and handling taxes included at either the header and line levels in an Invoice or Credit Memo. Canadian taxes are also be available to support Canadian Suppliers.

The system also enables the inclusion of these additional tax fields in Invoice and Credit Memo cXML files, CSV imports and exports, and Transaction Invoice and Payables Reports. 

Sub-Total Value Conditions Available for Invoice Reconciliation Rules

Invoice Reconciliation Rule conditions are expanded to include subtotal values to use to identify an item costing over a specific amount. Sub-total Value and Sub-total (Accumulative) Value are available to specify exact invoice line level amounts. 

Example: Invoice Reconciliation Rule Conditions - Sub-total Values

BuyerQuest InvoiceRecRuleConditions2021Apr29.png

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