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11.6.0 Release Features and Functionality (June 2021)

BuyerQuest 11.6.0, released July 1, 2021, included a number of new and enhanced features.

Platform Module 

Closed Purchase Orders May be Reopened by Administrators 

Administrators have the ability to reopen BuyerQuest Purchase Orders that have been closed manually. The option to open a closed Purchase Order is available in the Actions area of the Purchase Orders Grid in the Admin Control Panel.

Once a Purchase Order is reopened, the system evaluates it and assigns a new status for it.

This capability is available only for manually closed Purchase Orders and is not available for ERP Purchase Orders.  

Example: Open Purchase Order in Purchase Order Grid  

BuyerQuest AdminOpenClosedPO2021May19.png

See Documentation Topics:

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Permission to View Only Preferred Locations During Checkout and Multi-location Ordering 

BuyerQuest has added a permission limiting access and viewing of locations to only Preferred Locations during checkout and for multiple location ordering.

This permission can be assigned to users who need to see only Preferred Locations and not all system locations available to the user's current Content Group. 

Receiving Rules to Support Receiving Items Based on Type 

Item Type has been added as a condition available for the configuration of Receiving Rules

This condition allows buying organizations to create specific receiving rules for item types Product, Service, or Unknown. 

Example: Receiving Rule Conditions 

IBuyerQuest ItemTypeConditionReceiving2021May19.png

See Documentation Topics:

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Preferred Locations and Content Group Selection Available from the Manage Users Page 

Preferred Locations and Content Groups for Users have been added to the Manage Users page for easy access and management.

Default Shipping Location, Preferred Locations, and primary and additional Content Groups may be easily added or updated for new and existing users from this Manage Users area. 

Example: Content Group Selection and Management from the Manage Users Page 

BuyerQuest ManageUsersContentGroups2021May27.png

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Payables Module 

Content Group Filter for Invoice and Credit Memo Approval and Reconciliation Rules 

Content Group Filtering is available for configuring Invoice and Credit Memo Approval and Reconciliation Rules. The added filter supports different Content Groups needing specific rules. The Content Group Filter is accessible in the Rule Information area and may be set for edited or new rules.

The filter behavior and logic is the same as for Request Approval Rules.