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11.7.0 Release Features and Functionality (July 2021)

BuyerQuest 11.7.0, released July 29, 2021, includes new and enhanced functionality.

Marketplace Module

Support for Selection and Display of Supplier Payment Method 

Payment Methods for Suppliers may be specified in the Supplier Import and referenced and maintained in Supplier Information on the BuyerQuest platform. 

This expansion of Payment Method management also allows Users to select a Payment Method during Checkout and to view Payment Methods in Requests and Purchase Orders and email notifications. 

An extrinsic included in Outbound cXML Purchase Orders to Suppliers and ERPs also supports the specified Supplier Payment Method. 

Example: Selection of Payment Methods for Multiple Suppliers at CheckoutBuyerQuest CheckoutPaymentMethod2021Jun21.png

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Ability to Label Replacement Part Child SKUs According to Parts Diagrams

BuyerQuest supports assignment of labels on replacement parts to match numbering on associated diagrams.

Flexibility in label assignment provides clarity in clear and correct identification of replacement parts.

Example: Label Assignment in Product Information for Replacement Parts

BuyerQuest ReplacementPartLabelling2021Jun21.png]

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Platform Module

Preferred Locations Mapping Added to SSO Configuration

An additional entry in the SSO Configuration enables mapping of the preferred Location of the attribute value from the SAML assertion to the user record. The mapping allows buying organizations to use the value in the assignment of the user's Locations. 

Example: SAML SSO General Claim Mappings - Preferred  Location 

BuyerQuest SSOConfigPreferredLocations2021Jun21.png

See Documentation Topics to Implement this Feature:

Purchase Order CSV and cXML Exports Support Fields Denoting Address Type

BuyerQuest offers additional header-level extrinsics of ShiptoAddressType and BillToAddressType to support ad hoc address types in Purchase Order exports to Suppliers and ERPs. 

The ad-hoc values refer to locations created by users, whereas system values refer to locations created through Location Import or through the Admin Control Panel.

The extrinsics and values are also supported in the CSV Purchase Order Export. 

Example: ShipToAddressType Extrinsic in cXML Example

BuyerQuest ShipToAddressExtrinsic2021Jun21.png

See Documentation Topics:

Purchase Order CSV Export

Payables Module

Supplier Name Condition Available for Line-level Invoice Reconciliation Rules

An expansion of Invoice Reconciliation Rules allows buying organizations to set a rule condition specifying a Supplier at the Invoice line level.

The Supplier Name condition can be combined with other line level conditions to provide for pinpoint Invoice reconciliation.

Example: Invoice Reconciliation Rule - Supplier Line Level Condition

BuyerQuest SupplierRuleCondition2021Jun22.png

See Documentation Topics to Implement this Feature:

BQPay Ascendant Payment Provider Supports Canadian Currency

The Ascendant Payment Provider available from the  BQPay module supports Canadian currency.

An Ascendant configuration is available to specify a Canadian Client ID. 

Example: Canadian Client ID Configurable for Payment Integration with Ascendant Payment Provider

BuyerQuest AscendantCanadianClientID2021Jun22.png

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