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11.8.0 Release Features and Functionality (August 2021)

BuyerQuest 11.8.0, released August 31, 2021, includes a number of new and enhanced features.

Marketplace Module 

Selection of Credit Card as Payment Method and Credit Card Selection and Details on Checkout Page and Purchase Orders 

Significant expansion of Credit Card payment functionality allows users to select a Credit Card at Checkout and to add Credit Card details to a Purchase Order. 

Credit Card details included in the Purchase Order will be sent in the Purchase Order email and the cXML file.

The availability of Credit Card details in the Purchase Order file can streamline the payment processing for Suppliers - payment may be processed when items ship, thus bypassing Invoice creation and payment.

Credit Card may also be selected as a Supplier's Default Payment Method by Suppliers on the front end or Administrators via the Admin Control Panel. 

Example: Credit Card Selection on Checkout 

BuyerQuest CCSelectionCheckout2021Jul29.png

See Documentation Topics:

Manage Supplier Payment Methods - to set up Payment Methods in the BuyerQuest system

Manage Supplier Information - to specify a Default Payment Method for a Supplier

User Permissions (ACL) - for Supplier User Permission to Specify Payment Method

Profile Management - for Supplier to specify Default Supplier Payment Method on front end from BuyerQuest Network

Create a Request at Checkout - where Supplier Payment Methods are displayed and selectable

Purchase Order Grid and Details - Payment Method displays on Purchase Order

Purchase Order Emails - for Notifications providing Credit Card details to Suppliers

Support for Separate Shipping and Billing Locations 

The BuyerQuest platform supports filtering and selecting locations by type - shipping, billing, or both (consolidated).

Enabled by the location_type location attribute, filtering allows users to select separate or consolidated shipping and billing locations and provides increased flexibility in location specification.

When billing and shipping locations are configured to be separate, they may be searched and selected separately in MY ACCOUNT and in all procurement workflow documents displaying Locations, from Checkout to Invoice/Credit Memo. 

The Locations Export file also supports Location Type for easy reference and management of shipping and billing locations. 

Example: General Configuration for Shipping and Billing Locations 

BuyerQuest ConfigBillingShippingLocations2021Jul29.png

See Documentation Topics:

Locations Management - to add location_type attribute 

Locations Import - to import Locations and set location_type attribute values (shipping, billing, or both) 

General Configuration - Shipping and Billing - where Billing Location may be set to be the same as Shipping Location system wide

Accounting Combinations and Shipping and Billing Locations - to set location type as shipping, billing, or both for Locations

Create a Request at Checkout - to select Billing Location same as Shipping in Edit Order Details

Locations Export - to export location type values for reference and maintenance 

Account Number Attribute Added to Location Attributes 

The BuyerQuest system enables the addition of an Account Number Attribute to Location Attributes to support the mapping of a Billing Location to a bank account. The addition of this attribute enables efficiencies in functionality for buying organizations leveraging a payment provider.

Support for adding the Account Number Attribute is also provided in the Locations Import.

The Account Number Attribute value may also be configured to display on the front end in MY ACCOUNT and in procurement workflow documents from Checkout to Invoice/Credit Memo.

Example: Account Attribute Configuration: Frontend Properties 

BuyerQuest AccountAttributeConfig2021Jul29.png

See Documentation Topics:

Locations Management - where the account_number attribute is configured

Locations Import - to import account_number for Locations

Accounting Combination and Shipping and Billing Locations - where account number is displayed

Updates for Integration with Amazon Business Data and Functionality 

The BuyerQuest platform offers updates to the Application Programming Interface (API) used to access Amazon Business data and functionality. Updates will provide expansions in access and performance upgrades. 

Platform Module 

Commodity Group to GL Account Mapping to Support Parent Accounting Group 

Commodity Group to GL Account Mapping supports the use of the Parent Accounting Group in the selection and display of available GL Account values for editing/assignment to Line Items at Checkout and in Requests, Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Credit Memos. 

Inclusion of the Parent Accounting Group in the mapping provides greater accuracy and closer integration between Accounting and Commodity Group data.

Example: Commodity Group to G/L Account Mapping

BuyerQuest CommodityGroupGLAccountMapping2021Aug31.png

See Documentation Topics:

Manage Accounting Groups and Values - to add and edit Accounting Groups and set filters, conditions, defaults

Manage Commodity Groups, G/L Accounts, and Mappings - for mappings between Commodity Groups and Accounting Groups

Commodity Group and G/L Account Imports - for import of Commodity Group and G/L Account values

Commodity Groups and G/L Account in the Procurement Workflow - for discussion of display and selection of values in procurement documents

Category Description Field Added to Category Tree Import

The Category Tree Import has been expanded to include a Category Description field to support the addition of more robust detail to describe a Category. The addition of the field also offers multi-lingual support for Category Descriptions for multiple store views. 

See Documentation Topics:

Category Tree Import - to import Category Description

Deny Button Omitted on Invoice Reconciliation Email Notifications Reporting Auto Clearance of Exceptions   

Email notifications reporting auto clearance of Invoice Reconciliation exceptions do not feature the Deny button - to improve clarity of communication through notifications.  The omission of the button applies only to Notifications where Invoice Reconciliation Rules have been set to Auto Clear Only. 

Example: Invoice Reconciliation Rule Set to Auto Clear Only

BuyerQuest AutoClearInvRecRule2021Aug31.png

See Documentation Topics:

Invoice Emails

Payables Module

Imported Requests Identified in Payables Export Files 

Buying organizations are able to identify Imported Requests in Payables files with the addition of the ExtRequestNumber field, where applicable. The option to include this field is available in the header csv files for OK2Pay, Invoice, and Credit Memo Exports. 

See Documentation Topics:

Invoice Export

Credit Memo Export

OK to Pay Export