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11.9.0 Release Features and Functionality (September 2021)

BuyerQuest 11.9.0, released October 1, 2021, includes a number of new and enhanced features.

Platform Module

Accounting Validation Configurable for Accounting Groups 

Buying organizations benefit from a configuration allowing them to specify whether an Accounting Group is included or excluded from Accounting Combination validation.

The BuyerQuest system offers the Validated in Accounting Combination column in the Manage Accounting Groups grid - offering options to govern validation of individual Accounting Groups. Options are Yes, No, and Yes when Populated. No is the default value. 

Accounting will be validated for Accounting Groups that are specified as Yes or Yes when populated at Checkout and in display and actions for Requests, Purchase Orders, Invoices and Credit Memos. 

Example: Validation Configuration for Accounting Groups

BuyerQuest AccountingValidation2021Aug27.png

See Documentation Topics:

Manage Accounting Groups and Values - to configure Validated in Accounting Combination Field

Valid Accounting Combinations - for display of Accounting Groups configured to be Validated in Accounting Combination 

Accounting Combinations Import

Valid Accounting Combinations Export

For display and description of Accounting Details on procurement documents:

Create a Request at Checkout 

Edit a Request

Create Invoice and Invoices Grid

Failed Invoices Grid and Details

Create, View, and Edit Credit Memo

Related Records Include Additional Detail

Documents in the Related Records list displayed in document details pages include more supplier and status information, in addition to offering consistent information across documents. 

Some of the changes include the addition of the Supplier name to Purchase Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos Receipts, and ASNs.

Example: Related Records in Document Details Page

BuyerQuest RelatedRecordsImprovements2021Aug27.png

See Documentation Topics:

Related Records and Document History  

Purchase Order Grid and Details

Create Invoice and Invoices Grid

Web Form Fields May be Included in Transferred Cart XML/OCI

BuyerQuest offers the ability to specify whether a Web Form field is included in the POOM/OCI Response in the Punchout Cart Transfer.

The option to specify inclusion of Web Form fields provides greater flexibility to buying organizations needing to review key information from Web Forms. 

The Send Field Data to ERP in Cart Transfer option is available for any Field Data gathered in a Web Form.

Example: Configuration of Web Form Field - Option to Send Field Data to ERP in Cart Transfer

BuyerQuest WebFormFieldDatatoERP2021Aug27.png

See Documentation Topics:

Web Form Setup - to configure Field Data to be sent in Cart Transfer

Punchout to BuyerQuest - OCI Inbound and Outbound

Punchout to Supplier cXML - Punchout Setup Request (POSR) and Punchout Order Message (POOM) 

ASN Export Report Includes Request Title and Ship to Address Email

The ASN Export has been expanded to include the Request Title and Shipping Address Email to provide this key data to buying organizations for reference and management.

The additional fields are also available to the GoodData Business Intelligence module to provide more detailed information for use in analytics and spend management.

See Documentation Topics:

Advanced Ship Notices (ASN) Export 

Payables Module

Notification to Supplier when Invoice is Paid 

BuyerQuest increases transparency in the payables process with the addition of an email notification to a Supplier when an Invoice moves from OK2Pay status to Paid status.

The notification from the BuyerQuest system provides an actionable update to the Supplier and provides an alert for shipping, increasing efficiency in the delivery workflow. 

See Documentation Topics:

Invoice Emails - for an example 

Email Notification Management - to configure notifications for paid invoices

Profile Management