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8.11.0 Release Features and Functionality (November 30, 2018)

BuyerQuest 8.11, released on November 30, 2018, includes a number of new and enhanced features.

New Feature Video

Collaborative Carts Overview

See the topic Create and Manage Collaborative Carts and Groups for an overview of the advantages of group purchasing using Collaborative Carts. 

Marketplace Module

Revamped Document Grids Provide Additional Filters and Improved Functionality

Across the board, document grids in the procurement workflow on the BuyerQuest platform have been redesigned, offering a wide array of filters and better access to document functionality and information for review and management.

Filters are always available and offer more options to quickly locate key documents. Both buyers and suppliers alike benefit from improved information display for status review and action. 


  • The number of items displayed per page is set at 25 to improve performance. 
  • Action buttons have been moved underneath the Search Bar. 
  • Ship to and Bill to have been added as filters to Request, Approvals, Purchase Order, and Invoices Grids. 

Please Note:

All documentation topics referencing document grids have been updated in the BuyerQuest community site to reflect the redesign, additional filters, and added functionality. 

Updates have been made to any topic describing access and use of document grids for Requests, Approvals, Purchase Orders, Advance Ship Notices, Receipts, RFQs, Invoices, and Credit Memos. 

Example: Requests Grid Provides Additional Filters and Improved Display of Information

BuyerQuest RequestsGrid2018Nov27.png

CMS Block May be Configured to Recommend Successful Search Strategies

Administrators may configure a CMS block to display when a search produces no results. The CMS Block can list recommendations for further action for buyers to take to locate the products and services they need. 

When configured and styled in the Admin Control Panel, the block is prominently displayed on the page where search results would be listed. 

BuyerQuest CMSBlockNoResults2018Nov19.png

See Documentation Topics:

Search Products and Services
Content Management (CMS) for Static Blocks

Request for Quotation (RFQ) Information and Functionality Expanded 

History, Attachments, and Comments modules have been added to Requests for Quotation (RFQs) to provide more information for buyers and suppliers to collaborate more easily. Each module provides clear display of crucial information necessary for effective communication between collaborators.  Email Notifications may be configured to alert buyers and suppliers to comments added to RFQs.

Product Videos Open in a New Tab or Window 

Product videos may be opened in a new tab or window instead of in the same window,  providing a better user experience for buyers. 

Redesigned Request and Purchase Order Details Pages Offer Clear Display of Key Information

The Request and Purchase Order Details Pages have been redesigned to provide clearer display of information. Consistent organization and clarity of display enable quick review and reference and provide clear guidance for further action.

Related Records Expand Scope of Referenced Documents

The Related Records sections of all document grids have been expanded to provide a comprehensive list of all the relevant related documents from the procurement workflow.

This section offers properly permissioned users a one-stop location to access and reference any document from the procurement workflow for any transaction. Related Records links include Requests, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos, ASNs, and Receipts. 

Example: Related Records Listed for an Invoice

BuyerQuest V2RelatedRecordsInvoice2018Mpv28.png

See Documentation Topics:

Related Records and Document History

Product Availability Information Provided on Shopping Cart and Checkout Pages 

Alerts on Shopping Cart and Checkout Pages inform users of changes in product availability or price when these changes occur between product selection and checkout.  

When a product status changes to Out of Stock, Disabled, or Available by Quote only, the product is removed from the Shopping Cart or Checkout and an explanatory message displays at the top of the page, citing the product SKU.

Similarly, changes in price are reflected in these pages with a price adjustment message for the product SKU.

Example: Checkout Page Message Alert when Product is Unavailable

BuyerQuest CheckoutItemUnavailable2018Nov26.png

See Documentation Topics:

Manage and View
Create a Request at Checkout

Platform Module

Email Notifications to Internal Users for Supplier-created Invoices; Invoice Notifications Streamlined 

An administrator may use the Notification section in the Supplier record to specify additional internal user names and email addresses to receive Invoice notification emails. 

Additionally, Invoice Notifications emails have been streamlined and made consistent and are focused on major document status alerts, including, when applicable, Creation, Comments, Approval, Denial, Reconciliation, and Settlement Success. 

See Documentation Topics:

Manage Supplier Information
Invoice Emails

Invoice Export Based on Invoice Date or System Date

Administrators will have the ability to export Invoice Transaction Reports based on Invoice Date or System Date, rather than only the Invoice Date as provided by the Supplier. 

This change accommodates accounting departments that may need to use the date the invoice was created in the system (rather than the date provided by the Supplier) for tracking accruals.  

See Documentation Topics:

Invoice Transaction Report Export

Features for Suppliers 

Delta FTP Catalog Upload Capability

BuyerQuest supports Delta uploads for Suppliers using FTP for catalog loads. This FTP delta load functionality accommodates all catalog files: Common Fields, Additional Attributes, Tiered Pricing, and Custom Options. Suppliers must add the suffix _delta to indicate a file needing to be processed as a delta instead of a full upload. 

See Documentation Topics:

Catalog Upload via FTP