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8.12.0 Release Features and Functionality (December 28, 2018)

BuyerQuest 8.12.0, released on December 28, 2018, includes a number of new and enhanced features.

Marketplace Module

Shipping Method Displayed and Editable on Checkout Page   

Default and supported Shipping Methods may be specified and imported by Supplier, providing a framework for buyers to view and edit Shipping Methods on the Checkout page.  For items from suppliers with Shipping Methods specified, Shipping Methods are clearly displayed on Requests and Purchase Order pages and pdfs, providing an easy reference in these stages of the procurement workflow. 

Both cXML and ERP purchase orders include the specified Shipping Methods.

Shipping Methods may be included in the Supplier import. They can be managed in the Admin Control Panel at  Manage Shipping Methods. 

Subscription Purchasing Enables Automatic Reordering of Items

Subscriptions can be created for automated reordering of an item that is usually ordered on a regular basis. Subscription purchasing provides an efficient way to ensure that consumable items are always stocked by enabling automatic reorders at user-specified quantities and intervals. 

Subscription creation and management is available to properly permissioned users. This easy-to-use subscription feature removes the necessity of buyers having to check stock levels or set reminders for reorders. Subscription management on an item-by-item basis is available in the MY ACCOUNT settings. 

Video - Subscription Purchasing in the BuyerQuest Marketplace

Watch the video for an overview of  BuyerQuest's subscription purchasing feature.


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Shipping Locations Added to Standard Reports 

Ship To ID and Ship to columns have been added to standard reports to allow users to easily view and reference report details for specific locations. 

Reports featuring Shipping location information include Order Summary by Supplier, Request Details, and Items Not Yet Received. 

Order Summary by Supplier Report Includes Shipping Location Information

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Enhanced Mobile Display for Notification Emails 

Mobile display of email notifications for Requests, Purchase Orders, Credit Memos, and Invoices benefits from a more readable arrangement of key information in the line item details. 

Example: Improved Mobile Display of Email Notification 

Catalog Approval and Catalog Update Widgets Benefit from Improved Display 

Catalog Approval and Catalog Update Home Page Widgets feature supplier information and an improved display for easier review and reference.

Catalog Approval Grid Home Page Widget 

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