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8.3.0 Features and Functionality (March 30, 2018)

BuyerQuest 8.3, released on March 30, 2018, includes a number of significant features enhancements and additions.

Marketplace Module

Assignment of Custom Flags for Preferred Products

Buying organizations can further leverage the added power and configurability of Preferred Products by creating and assigning flags to label their own custom categories of Preferred Products.

Administrators can configure additional flags to clearly identify products for purposes such as safety, environmental friendliness, season, preferred supplier, specific department, or targeted promotional purpose and assign flags to products manually or through the Preferred Products Import.  The original Preferred Products label and gray flag are retained as the default label. All Preferred Products benefit from the BuyerQuest powerful underlying search boost functionality.

Manage Preferred Product Labels Grid is available for administrators to create and manage additional labels for these search-boosted products along with color specification for each label. Colors may be specified in any encoding used to define color (common English name, Hex, or RBG)  acceptable as an HTML color attribute value.  The buying organization is responsible for providing valid color values.

Preferred Products - Default Label and Custom Labels

The Preferred Product Labels shown below are: 

  • PREFERRED - the default label
  • SAFETY and ECO FRIENDLY - examples of custom labels 

BuyerQuest CustomLabelsPreferredProducts2018Mar28.png


See Documentation Topics:
        Manage Preferred Products
        Preferred Products Import
        Filter, Sort, and Compare Product Information
        View Product and Services Details
        Search Tool Strategies and Enhancements

Products with Custom Options May be Included in Bundled Products

Products with custom options may now be included in Bundles, providing maximum configurability and efficiencies for buying organizations using bundles for repeated ordering of kits and starter packs.

Items with custom options may be searched and added to a Bundle in the Admin Control Panel or added through an import of Additional Attributes. Bundles are not limited in the items included in them and it's no longer necessary to order items with custom options individually. 

The Product Detail Page and the Cart carry clear instructions for the configuration of a product with custom options. 

Products with Custom Options Included in a Bundle

BuyerQuest CustomOptionsBundle2018Mar22.png

See Documentation Topics: 
        Manage and View 
        Catalog Upload - Bundles
        Create and Manage Bundled Products

Bundled Products Available for Order in Add to Cart Only

Bundled Products are available for order only via Add to Cart from a search result or product details page.  The traditional order and checkout processes have been designed to accommodate the complexity involved with Bundled Products. They offer the solid support for custom option configuration and real time price calculations necessary for buyers to review and complete orders that include Bundled Products. 

Support for Bundled Products is not available in Quick Order, RFQs, Change or Edit Requests, Change Purchase Order, or Invoice Creation. These straightforward aspects of the buying workflow are designed to be quick and easy to complete, and so they do not support the complexity necessary for accurate inclusion of Bundled Products.

See Documentation Topics:
    Shop by SKU or Part Number
    Manage Quotes 
    Edit a Request
    Change, Cancel, or Close a Purchase Order
Create Invoice (Buyer)

Platform Module

Expanded Handling of Non-keyboard Characters in Cart Transfers 

BuyerQuest has added support for handling ASCII special characters in cart transfers. Character handling may be configured for either ASCII or HTML compatibility to align with clients' ERP requirements for processing special characters. 

This expanded and configurable character handling provides increased reliability and accuracy in the transmission of orders through the PunchOut Order Message (POOM) from BuyerQuest to a client's ERP.  

See Documentation Topics:
    Manage Transferred Carts
    Special Character Handling in Cart Transfer (Punchout Order Message from BuyerQuest to Client ERP)

Estimated Savings Widget Removed from Home Page

The Estimated Savings Widget has been removed as a section on the Home Page.

See Documentation Topics:
    UI Management - Home Page Widgets

Configuration for Shipping Bundled Items Together has been Eliminated 

The option to configure shipping of bundled items together has been removed from the Admin Control Panel in Manage Products. 

See Documentation Topics:
         Create and Manage Bundled Products

Supplier Network

Catalog Upload Notifications Revamped to Align with Improved Catalog Workflow

The recent improvements to the Catalog Upload workflow are matched by a revamped and simplified set of Catalog Upload email notifications providing alerts and status changes. Language used in subject line and email body provides clearer and more actionable information for suppliers and others monitoring catalog uploads.

See Documentation Topics: 
Catalog Emails

Catalog History Expanded to Align with Improved Catalog Workflow

Catalog Upload workflow improvements are reflected in an updated and improved Catalog History section displayed in the Catalog Details pages. 

A separate entry for each state update displays in chronological order for easy reference. Entries include a date and time stamp, Catalog ID, and user, with explicit language describing the status change. 

Catalog History 

BuyerQuest CatalogHistory2018Mar27.png

See Documentation Topics: 
Self-Service Catalog Management Overview